If the download doesn't start automatically, click one of the following links to download.

“Your GT4T app is a work of a genius, and I am a happy user of it!”
Romualdas Grigaliunas

GT4T comes with a fully-featured free trial out-of-the-box. After the trial period expires, you can choose to continue to use the free features or purchase a Pro license. GT4T offers very flexible plans. For different data plans, you can either pay a time-based plan (with no character limit) or a character-based plan (with no time limit).

1. Click the downloaded installer to get started. If you see this screen, click "More info."

2. Click 'Run anyway' to start installation.

Thank you very much for trusting GT4T. We recently changed our software signature and it takes time to regain trust from Microsoft.

Did you know? GT4T began serving the translation community since 2009. You can trust GT4T.

To start GT4T after installation, go to "Launchpad" and search for "GT4T".

Mojave or Catalina users: Please make use of the following instructions to give GT4T permissions at Accessibility. GT4T needs such permissions to copy selected source text and paste translations.

1. When you run GT4T for the first time, you will receive this warning. Click 'OK' to continue.

2. When you use a GT4T keyboard shortcut like command+j for the first time, you will receive this warning. Click "Open System Preferences"

3. Click "Click the lock to make changes" at the bottom left corner and enter your MacOS password to unlock, and then click "Accessibility":

4. Tick 'GT4T' in the right pane. Don't worry if you cannot tick it. Simply close the "System Preferences" Window.

5. Restart your computer.

If the keyboard shortcuts still are not working, delete the "GT4T" item in step 4. Press "+" and browse to Applications/GT4T to add it.