Replace terms with Glossary before submitting to MT?

By Michael Joseph Wdowiak Beijer
It seems so obvious, and has for many years, but why can’t any CAT tool do the following:

If you are using e.g. Google Translate on a text, and GT keeps offering you great, useful suggestions, why can’t your CAT tool fix the few words GT consistently gets wrong?

This would be WAY more useful to me than the usually useless stuff auto-assembling offers me (in any CAT tool). For years, in every CAT tool (e.g. CafeTran, Déjà Vu), Google Translate, and now DeepL, have offered me way better rough drafts than anything my CAT tool could auto-assemble. So why haven’t developers cottoned on yet and started from the MT output, rather than trying to patch up the auto-assembling result, like a few CAT tools now can?

That is:
1. fix the MT output with your glossaries
instead of
2. fixing your auto-assembling result with MT

For example (and this is just an example; that is, GT actually doesn’t make this mistake):

The patent application you are translating contains the word “uitvoeringsvormen” zillions of times, but Google Translate consistently translates it as “execution forms”, whereas it should be “embodiments”. You have it in your glossary: uitvoeringsvormen = embodiments. Why can’t CT just change it in the Google Translate output before it hits yr target box? Because it can’t, you end up having to manually change it a hundred times while working. My Computer is definitely not Assisting me here!


I just checked, and GT4T (which I am currently using for all my MT needs as I translate in CafeTran) has a feature I have not yet tried, called “Pretranslate using Glossary”, which is explained in a tooltip as:

“Replace terms with glossary before submitting to MT” (!!!)

This is exactly what I am talking about. I am going to test it and will report back here.

Although the user can edit GT4T so-called “Simple Glossary” in Excel (which pops up automatically), the data is stored in a simple, tab-delimited txt file!

Holy cow, it works, perfectly.

I am translating a patent application with a number of highly specific terms, which are consistently mistranslated by every machine translation provider. I quickly added the specific terms to my GT4T Simple Glossary*, and now every time I come to a new segment in CT and press the special GT4T keyboard shortcut, I am presented with a little dialogue with a list of five different machine translations of my segment. And guess what? Every single one of my difficult terms has now been magically translated correctly in the machine translations!

* adding new terms to GT4T Simple Glossary couldn’t be easier. You just select the source term in CT and hit the keyboard shortcut. if the term is not already in your Simple Glossary, you can click “a”, and a little dialogue will pop up where you can quickly enter the target.