Testing out the official DeepL Windows app

DeepL just announced that their official app for both Windows and MacOS has come out, more than a year later than GT4T: the unofficial DeepL Windows/MacOS app. It uses the same user interaction: using a system-wide shortcut to call up the app, making me even more curious.

  1. So I downloaded the Windows version from:
    It’s a 138MB install.exe file, pretty big for an app like this.
  2. Starting the installation exe, I received a noticed that I need to install the notorious .NET Framework. It took some time and I left the computer to do my laundry.
  3. After installation I got a hint of the calling-up shortcut: press ctrl+c twice. Pretty Cool.
  4. Yes, you can select some source text and press ctrl+c and ctrl+c again to get the translation in DeepL’s interface.
  5. I saw the ‘Insert’ button. Supposedly clicking on it will get the translation inserted to the editor. I clicked, pressed space bar, Enter key… Nothing happened. Once or twice it worked and then I couldn’t make that button work again. The ‘Copy’ button works well. It copies the translation to your clipboard and you paste by pressing ctrl+v to your editor.
  6. Summary: 1) it mostly works; 2) so far it appears to be free and you can log on to your DeepL Pro account; 3) it provides alternative translations and you can click on a word in the translation for alternatives too, just like the web page. As a translator, however, I will still stick to my old lovely GT4T: 1) GT4T offers several MT engines at the same time; 2) GT4T has dictionaries and you can use your own glossary to correct MT translations; 3) GT4T integrates much better in a translator’s workflow with more concise, unobtrusive pop-ups, smooth selection and insertion using keyboard and shortcuts for CAT tools.

Time-based plans vs character-based plans

Time-based plans:

Time-based plans have no usage limits. You are charged a monthly/half-yearly/yearly flat fee and then you can use GT4T as much, or as little as you want. 

  • Time-based plans have no usage limits. You can use all the features, dictionaries, the included MT engines as much as you want with no cap, with no extra charge.
  • You can only activate one computer at the same time but you can move your license freely between computers.

Character-based plans:

Character-based plans have no time limit. You get charged whenever you select some text and hit a GT4T shortcut.

  • Character-based plans have no time limit, no minimum charge, no monthly subscription fee. You only pay when you are using the GT4T shortcuts to translate.
  • When you select some text and hit the GT4T translation keyboard shortcuts, the selection is IMMEDIATELY counted and deducted from the characters you have bought, even though sometimes MT engines fail to return translations.
  • Character count is per engine. MT engines like Microsoft / Baidu is cheaper than DeepL / Microsoft. For example, if you are on a char-based DeepL plan and when you translate 1000 chars using DeepL, 1000 chars will be deducted from the bought characters; when using Google, 920 chars will be deducted; when using Microsoft, 570 chars will be deducted.
  • When you select and hit the dictionary shortcuts, the selection is not counted.
  • In short, you select and hit the GT4T shortcuts, your selection is counted and you are charged.

GT4T update history

6.01.181227: 1) Fixed ‘languae pair not supported’ error when using baidu api
6.01.181218: 1) Fixed ‘too many requests’ for DeepL. 2) MateCat Support. 3) ‘undefined of grey’ bug fixed. 4) New prices and plans
6.00.181216: 1) Fix ‘language pair not supported’ bug to 1215. 2) You can use your own API keys for all supported MT engines
5.99.181214: 1) Added support for TransStudio 5 Online
5.99.181213: 1) Added support for Lionbridge Cloud; 2) Fixed a linking issue with IATE.
5.99.181210: Added support for Trados Studio 2019
5.99.181207: 1) Fixed ‘o’ link to IATE webpage; 2) added support for Translation Workspace XLIFF Editor; 3) DeepL alt translations support for Russian & Portuguese
5.99.181202: Fixed ‘too many requests’ error from DeepL; add support to both DeepL api v1 and v2
5.99.181130: Added Reverso, Interia, Pons; trying to solve ‘too many requests’ error with deepl non-pro
5.99.181128: Update DeepL Pro API to version 2.0
5.99.181127: Fixed ‘moved permanently’ error with thesaurus.com & wordreference
5.99.181122: Fixed: Toggling disable/enable of all hotkeys is not remembered
5.99.181115: Fixed broken IATE dictionary
5.99.181106: Add support to Swordfish, Fluency Now, OmegaT, Transifex, Wordfast Anywhere, smartcat, xtm
5.98.181009: Fixed: Error when using Microsoft MT to translate multiple paragraphs with empty lines
5.98.181009: Fixed: Pop-up sometimes appears out of screen boundaries at multi screens.
5.98.181007: 1) reduced pasting failures. 2) Fixed a char counting error with multi-engine. 3)Fixed: popup doesn’t follow caret correctly with multi-screen. 4) Fixed: settings are lost upon restart
5.98.180914: Fixed: Simple Glossary doesn’t work with unicode paths.
5.98.180907: Swordfish support. Fixed: purchase Linking problems
5.98.180903: Fixed: Auto renewal fails with char-based subscriptions
5.98.180804: Fixed ‘unvailable’ error with google. Added translate5 & smartling support
5.98.180726: Fixed: ‘Language pair not supported’ error with Microsoft
5.98.180705: Fixed: ‘Too many request error’ with DeepL
5.98.180705: Fixed: missing dot and {} tags with DeepL Pro.
5.98.180704: Improved batch segments translation in CATs
5.98.180703: Word-wrap is turned on when ‘remember pop-up position’ is ticked.
5.98.180702: Added language support of Chinese Pinyin
5.98.180628: 1) Translating batch segments in CATs is now more stable. 2) Fixed ‘undefined’ bugs. 3) Fixed FoolGui bugs.
5.97.180626: 1) Fixed bug on toggling hotkeys; 2) Users can add their own DeepL Pro API key.
5.97.180622: Changed the DeepL pro API key
5.97.180620: Reduced the occurrence of “Previous thread of GT4T could not be closed”
5.97.180619: Custom search engine feature is added back.
5.97.180618: Readlly Fixed: GT4T constantly restores language settings.
5.97.180616: 1) Add proxy support; 2) Fixed: DeepL returns error when translating e.g. ‘1.’
5.97.180615: 1) Fixed stability issue with direct replace. 2) Fixed broken ‘Remember last position’ and ‘concise popup’
5.97.180614: 1) Chars are now only counted once when using multiple engines. 2) You can set the display order of dictionaries/MT engines. 3) Batch translation issues in CATs.
5.96.180506: Bug fix: Hardware identifier changes when changing Internet connections
5.96.180505: Bug fix to 180504: Cannot create new Glossary
5.96.180504: Bug fix: GT4T stops working when switching Fix MT away from Post-translate
5.95.180426: Add translating into multi target languages feature.
5.94.180420: 1) Auto detect source language is now also effective with dictionary; 2) Add onedict.com
5.93.180418: 1) Bug fix: Direct replace very slow. 2) DeepL Pro option added for char-based license owners. 3) More dictionaries added.
5.92.180412: 1) Dictionaries are requested concurrently. 2) Shortcuts for multiple segments is changed to Ctrl+shift+j
5.91.180404: Ctrl+Shift+K now also translates current segment.
5.91.180401: Fixed broken ‘lock focus on pop-up’
5.89.180322: Fixed unwanted HTML codes in DeepL
5.89.180320: 1) Add base Glossary that will be copied to all new glossaries. 2) Glossary breaks when cells contain double quotes.
5.89.180316: 1) Memsource tags are handled properly. Fixed: Ctrl+Shift+K doesn’t work in some CATs
5.88.180314: Fixed: Ctrl Key remains pressed after using a shortcut; Lengthen requrest time-out to 15s
5.88.180313: fixed broken support for Wordfast pro 3
5.88.180309: canceled shorcuts for switching dictionaries; added spanishdict
5.87.180306: CAT shortcuts isn’t replacing with translation and hangs at ‘please wait’ when ‘default bahavior’ is set to option 2 or 3.
5.87.180305: 1) Translate next several segments is now Ctrl+shift+K; 2) Fixed ‘Translate clipboard’
5.86.180301: Urgent fix: Special characters shown as unicode with DeepL.
5.86.180229: 1) Fixed: some special characters shown as unicode; 2) Fixed broken Dejv Vu support; 3) added XTM support
5.86.180228: ctrl+alt+k: save to TM and move next; ctrl+alt+l: move next without saving
5.86.180227: 1) Corrected Memsource desktop/web support; 2) ‘ctrl+alt+l’ now doesn’t commit to TM with Deja Vu
5.86.180226: 1) Add error handling to JSON errors.2) Memsource desktop support
5.86.180225: Bug fix: 1)DeepL not working when source text contains quotes. 2) Support for Wordfast 5.
5.86.180224: Ctrl+alt+L to translate next several segments. Solved some startup issues.
5.86.180223: Bux fix: moving pop-up causing it to refresh; canceled next segments timeout
5.86.180222: Bugfix to 180221: broken DeepL alternative translation.
5.86.180221: 1) No more 3 seconds waiting before translations appear in pop-up. 2) Ctrl+alt+k now translates more than one segment in CATs
5.85.180217: Lock the pop-up in focus state.
5.85.180216: Fixes: too much CPU consumption; pop-up loses sometimes focus.
5.85.180213: Many bug fixes and much stabler; Reduce the chances of “unable to acquire selection”; concise popup option.
5.84.180212: Fixed broken ‘post-translate’ and ‘fragmentation’.
5.84.180211:1) Restart as administrator when GT4T cannot acquire selection; 2) Fixed file in use error at upgrade.
5.84.180211:Bug fixes: 1) not following caret in Word; 2) ESC to abort kills the backgroudn pop-up thread; 3) Empty pop-up after pasting when some results remain unfetched.
5.83.180208: Pop-up appears much much faster. No more 2-3 seconds wait.
5.83.180207: Stripped Unicode marker character in translation on Windows 7
5.83.180205: Fixed a pop-up window positioning issue when appearing near the right screen edge
5.83.180204: Simultaneous multi MT engines: no need to wait till results from all engines are returned.
5.82.180203: Enter/space bug; Reduced copy/paste failures; right click on dic icons to hide; added multitran.ru.
5.81.180130: Fixed: Payment nuisance screen appears when connection to GT4T server is unstable.
5.81.180126: Revert to the old ‘please wait’ message at direct overwrite.
5.81.180125: New modern resizable and draggable pop-up.
5.74.180114: Bug fix: Hotkey registry failure with Russian keyboard
5.73.171215: 1)Add instruction to DeepL not to save submitted data; 2) Lower the rebill triggering char amount to 5000.
5.73.171210: Add FoolGUI options to solve pasting problems in some apps
5.72.171204: Limit each dictionary check to 100 characters
5.72.171131: Fix ‘Fix MT with Glossary’ not working when source language is a non-Latin language (Bug found by Mikhail Tarkinsky).
5.71.171125: Move popup with Ctrl+arrows. Popup won’t auto disappear at inserting after being moved.
5.71.171124: Add Across support; Longer matches replaced first when Fixing MT; Many other bugs
5.70.171113: (Try to) fix the gt4t.net certifcate error on some Windows XP machines.
5.70.171110: Remove the startup error message when the Internet is not ready at Windows startup.
5.70.171109: Leaving target same as source when adding to Glossary will mark the term as untranslatable;hot key for multi MT engine canceled, you can now switch between DeepL alternatives and Multi MTs at popup.
5.65.171108: Tweaks to improve performance & memory consumption.
5.65.171107: Fixed: clicking an item in the pop doesn’t paste; Browser with TM matches opens when no dictionary results are returned with Linguee
5.65.171106: Fixed pasting problem in MemoQ; added option to bypass system proxy.
5.65.171105: Glossary file names can be anything; Old Glossary can be set as current; Results are directly opened in browser when all Glossary matches are too long; Reduced memory consumption
5.64.171032: GT4T now respects system proxy settings.
5.64.171031: Pasting problem in Excel; reduced consumed memory
5.64.171031: Fixed: GT4T gets stuck on loading on some computers.
5.64.171030: ‘Default behavior for translate shortcut’ setting now also affects ‘translate current/next segment’ in CATs
5.63.171029: Fixed: Selected engine’s result is repeated at multi-engine results popup.
5.63.171028: ‘Fixing MT with Glossary’ now comes with three options: pre-translate, post-translate and fragmentation
5.62.171027: 1)’Pretranslate with Glossary’ is now ‘Fix MT results with translation’; 2) Repaired broken ‘Untranslatables’
5.62.171026: Fixed: 1) DeepL doesn’t return translation on some occasions; 2) Add switch Insert state option
5.62.171025: Glossary results order by string length or time; turning on ‘pretranslate using glossary’ may make MT stop working.
5.62.171024:1) Searched word is highlighted in browser result window; 2) Dictionary server is remembered when switched from pop-up
5.61.171023:1) Fixed pop up list coding problem when < and > is present. 2) View Source/Target pair of Glossary results by pressing o.
5.60.171022:Fixed: 1) Pasting problem with ctrl+alt+j in memoQ; 2) Remove tailing line break of results returned by SimpleGlossary
5.60.171021:Fixed: SimpleGlossary do not return results when Target Language column is empty.
5.60.171020:1) SimpleGlossary rewritten; 2) Users can pick multiple simoutaneous MTengines. 3) bug fixes: DeepL won’t translate segment containing quotation marks.

How to use DeepL Pro outside the European Union

DeepL Pro is not selling outside the EU. If you are a resident outside EU and you want to purchase DeepL Pro, you can purchase a GT4T DeepL Pro plan instead. GT4T offers build-in DeepL Pro access that allows you to use DeepL Pro without having to purchase a subscription from DeepL.

You know what, you will actually end up saving money as GT4T offers very flexible plans. The time-based plans have NO usage limit and the character plans do not have monthly minimum fees or even time limit. You pay only for what you use.

GT4T already fully supports IATE

#GT4T already supports the new #IATE by acquiring the data and representing them in a pop-up. Users can even use arrows or numbers keys to select a translation and insert to where he is typing without having to open the browser.

Difference between GT4T’s ‘fix MT translation’ and ‘RyS Translation Workflow Automation Package 2018

GT4T’s ‘fix MT with glossary’ is not simple search and replace.

If a word is CONSTANTLY translated wrong, simple replacing of the MT translation with your own translation will work.

But with GT4T it doesn’t matter what MT will translate a word into as it actually replaces the source word.

GT4T glossary file contains ‘source – target’ pairs, not ‘wrong translation – correct translation’ pairs.

The post-translation of GT4T works like this.

1) Mark a word as untranslatable so the word will remain untranslated in the translation.
2) Replace that untranslated word in MT translation with your glossary.

This feature thus can be used to mark ‘untranslatable’ terms. If you add a term to GT4T glossary leaving the translation the same with source, that term will always remain untranslated in MT translations.