Pre-translate Cafetran .xlf files using Machine Translation

Use GT4T file translator you can translate Cafetran .xlf files in batches using one of the 10+ MT engines. Tags and formats will be preserved and put in the right position in the translation.

1. Open GT4T File Translator. (using the desktop icon or press Ctrl+Alt+F2 -> File Translator tab)
2. Click ‘Open a CafeTran Project’, then double click a project folder to open
3. Select the .xlf files you want to translate and press Start.

You can also locate the .xlf files in file browser and drag them to GT4T File Translator drop area.

After translating finishes, use CafeTran to re-open the project and be happy.

Pre-translate Trados .sdlxliff files using Machine Translation

GT4T can translate Trados .sdlxliff files in batches with all tags in the right position, and you can choose from 10+ MT engines.
Translating Trados files is super easy.

1. Find the sdlxliff files in File Browser. In Trados, open File View -> right click on files -> click ‘Browse folder’.
2. Select and then drag & drop files to GT4T File Translator drop area and translation starts.

3. Reopen the files in Trados and be happy.

Difference between GT4T’s ‘fix MT translation’ and ‘RyS Translation Workflow Automation Package 2018

GT4T’s ‘fix MT with glossary’ is not simple search and replace.

If a word is CONSTANTLY translated wrong, simple replacing of the MT translation with your own translation will work.

But with GT4T it doesn’t matter what MT will translate a word into as it actually replaces the source word.

GT4T glossary file contains ‘source – target’ pairs, not ‘wrong translation – correct translation’ pairs.

The post-translation of GT4T works like this.

1) Mark a word as untranslatable so the word will remain untranslated in the translation.
2) Replace that untranslated word in MT translation with your glossary.

This feature thus can be used to mark ‘untranslatable’ terms. If you add a term to GT4T glossary leaving the translation the same with source, that term will always remain untranslated in MT translations.

Use with GT4T

  1. Select a word and press ctrl+d (cmd+d) and then press ‘d’ to open the supported dictionaries list. Tick ‘’
  2. Select a word anywhere and press ctrl+d(cmd+d) again and then you get a list of synonyms in a pop-up to choose from.

GT4T vs CAT MT solutions

@SaraSSLMIT: That function is already included in almost any CAT tool, why make a separate app?

1) Use multiple MT engines at the same time.
2) Select use of MT. You can apply MT to a portion of a segment / sentence that you think MT will do well.
3) Automatically correct MT results with your own glossary.
4) Works in all apps in a uniformed manner
5) Save from the mess of having to manage payment and API thingy to MT providers
6) Flexible plans that may save you money. You can choose only pay for your usage. No pricey monthly subscription fees

MateCAT, Transifex, Wordfast Anywhere, Crowdin, SmartCAT, XTM support comes to GT4T Mac 1.06.181103

The support list of GT4T Mac just got longer. While you are working with MateCAT, Transifex, Wordfast Anywhere, Crowdin, SmartCAT, XTM,

you can now use ‘Command+Control+j’ to MT translate current segment.
‘Command+Control+k’ to MT translate next segments.
‘Command+Shift+j’ to MT translate several segments.

The updated supported CAT list on Mac:
Wordfast Pro,
Memsource Editor (online & offline version)
Fluency Now,
Wordfast Anywhere,

To update, quit GT4T and download and install again from here