GT4T: the right approach to MT and beyond

GT4T originally comes from the initial: Google Translate for Translators. Can you believe it? GT4T has been around for 8 years and counting. When the first version was out, no CAT tools integrated MT yet.

I originally made GT4T for myself so fundamentally GT4T is whatever is useful to me myself, an overworked translator. It will remain that way. I will keep it easy and yet very useful. You can make it work for you the moment you install it. The only thing you need to do is to select a chunk of text anywhere and hit a keyboard combo and a neat little pop-up with translation suggestions will show up.

You choose what to be translated by MT

We all agree MT doesn’t do well with complicated sentences. But there are moments you feel sure it will do well, so selecting some source text and pressing ctrl+j to get the source text be replaced by MT translation will save you keystrokes at least.

And the are moments you will feel happily surprised that MT may come up with something you didn’t think of.

What’s more, GT4T allows you to use several MT engines at the same time and you can pick the best result to insert.

You see, MT doesn’t have to be very good to be useful as a reference tool. Hurry up, exploit it before it surpasses us!

A concoction of on-line resources

With GT4T you can actually get translation suggestions as you are translating in any app from different on-line dictionaries, all without having to open the websites.

Notice for every pop-up, you only either press a leading number, or use UP/DWN and then ENTER to insert a translation of choice, saving dramatically large amount of your time.

All right, fixing MT results with your own Glossary

This is the new feature that is loved by some of our colleagues like Michael Beijier and attracts attention from Jost Zetzsche, who just wrote a featured article about this in the newest issue of his Tool-box journal.

MT may constantly go wrong when translating a frequent term. GT4T can replace the wrong with the right. All you have to do is to add that term to Glossary and provide a correct translation. For more details check out Michael’s thread and its discussions here.

SimpleGlossary: the most straightforward way to maintain consistency

I translate games, and games update frequently. My client would send me a large Excel file with past translation spotted with some new lines and say, ‘translate the highlighted cells and maintain consistency.’

This is frustrating. There are so many sophisticated tool and yet no one comes with a simple solution. Nothing is easier than copy/paste, right? Using GT4T, all you have to do is to copy/paste the source and target columns of the past translation to GT4T, and then you can search a term by just selecting it and press a keyboard combo.

Since GT4T is independent of any CATs or apps, you can hit the key combo anywhere. Of course you can import the untranslated parts into your favorite CATs and still use GT4T to search the past translation.

I am loving it. It just solves my every-day headache like a breeze. Last week I worked updates of DragonStone, Bloons Super Monkey 2, Barbie Fashion Closet, Arctis Pro. It will be back to Stone Age if I returned to use the crappy search feature of Excel! For details check out this tutorial.

Sorry if this sounds like an advertisement but I am more excited for what I invented as a user than the money it brings. All in all, GT4T is a useful tool without being complex. It simply works! And you don’t need to pass a test to use it. Sorry I don’t issue GT4T proficiency certificate!

Replace terms with Glossary before submitting to MT?

By Michael Joseph Wdowiak Beijer
It seems so obvious, and has for many years, but why can’t any CAT tool do the following:

If you are using e.g. Google Translate on a text, and GT keeps offering you great, useful suggestions, why can’t your CAT tool fix the few words GT consistently gets wrong?

This would be WAY more useful to me than the usually useless stuff auto-assembling offers me (in any CAT tool). For years, in every CAT tool (e.g. CafeTran, Déjà Vu), Google Translate, and now DeepL, have offered me way better rough drafts than anything my CAT tool could auto-assemble. So why haven’t developers cottoned on yet and started from the MT output, rather than trying to patch up the auto-assembling result, like a few CAT tools now can?

That is:
1. fix the MT output with your glossaries
instead of
2. fixing your auto-assembling result with MT

For example (and this is just an example; that is, GT actually doesn’t make this mistake):

The patent application you are translating contains the word “uitvoeringsvormen” zillions of times, but Google Translate consistently translates it as “execution forms”, whereas it should be “embodiments”. You have it in your glossary: uitvoeringsvormen = embodiments. Why can’t CT just change it in the Google Translate output before it hits yr target box? Because it can’t, you end up having to manually change it a hundred times while working. My Computer is definitely not Assisting me here!


I just checked, and GT4T (which I am currently using for all my MT needs as I translate in CafeTran) has a feature I have not yet tried, called “Pretranslate using Glossary”, which is explained in a tooltip as:

“Replace terms with glossary before submitting to MT” (!!!)

This is exactly what I am talking about. I am going to test it and will report back here.

Although the user can edit GT4T so-called “Simple Glossary” in Excel (which pops up automatically), the data is stored in a simple, tab-delimited txt file!

Holy cow, it works, perfectly.

I am translating a patent application with a number of highly specific terms, which are consistently mistranslated by every machine translation provider. I quickly added the specific terms to my GT4T Simple Glossary*, and now every time I come to a new segment in CT and press the special GT4T keyboard shortcut, I am presented with a little dialogue with a list of five different machine translations of my segment. And guess what? Every single one of my difficult terms has now been magically translated correctly in the machine translations!

* adding new terms to GT4T Simple Glossary couldn’t be easier. You just select the source term in CT and hit the keyboard shortcut. if the term is not already in your Simple Glossary, you can click “a”, and a little dialogue will pop up where you can quickly enter the target.

GT4T SimpleGlossary tutorial

How do I add a term to Glossary?

Select the term anywhere (even here in this tutorial) and press ctrl+d or ctrl+win+d. Then the dictionary pop-up appears. Click ‘Add to Glossary’.

How do I search Glossary?

Select a term anywhere and press ctrl+win+d. A popup with results from Glossary appears.

How do I add lots of items to Glossary?

Go to ‘Dictionary & Glossary’->’Edit Glossary in Microsoft Excel’. Click the button the Glossary file then is opened in Microsoft in Excel. Type or paste source text in column A and target text in Column B and click Save and ignore all the Excel Warnings.

For example, if you receive an Excel file containing past translations like the following, simply select the whole source and target columns and press Ctrl+c:

And then paste to the Glossary file. Click X close to save the glossary file and click Yes to all the Excel warnings (“Are you sure to save to this format? Something will be lost, etc etc”)

After the past translation is saved to the Glossary file, select a term and press ctrl+win+d. The translations of the selected term will appear in a pop-up.

While the pop-up is on, click ‘see all results’ or press letter o on your keyboard will open a browser window with all matches with the searched word being highlighted.

How do I start with an empty Glossary file?

Go to ‘Dictionary & Glossary’, click ‘new glossary’. The old glossary will be renamed.

How do I manage (rename, delete, restore) the old glossary files?

Go to ‘Dictionary & Glossary’, click ‘open folder’. You can rename, delete the old glossary files there. To restore an old glossary file, delete or rename the glossary file ‘gt4t_glossary.txt’ and then rename the old glossary file to ‘gt4t_glossary.txt’. All the files are there in the folder. Be courageous. Do whatever you want: open or edit with your favorite text editor, delete some lines, etc. No worry, you won’t break GT4T, even if you remove all the files there. If you edit the glossary file with Notepad, make sure to separate source text and target translation with a tab (the key above CapsLock).

How do I share a glossary with other colleagues?

Go to ‘Dictionary & Glossary’, click ‘open folder’ to find the file ‘gt4t_glossary.txt’. Send it to your colleague and ask him to save the file to the same folder.

How do you charge for this?

SimpleGlossary is a feature within GT4T. You can pay a monthly/yearly fee or pay by the number of characters you submit. If you only use SimpleGlossary, the character plan is probably better. You can search for around 4000 words with one dollar. Paying a fee of 10 USD will last you forever.

You know what’s best about SimpleGlossary?

It is just a neat little independent program that doesn’t rely on any CATs. It will work everywhere you work (In Word, Excel, in all Cats). No importing or exporting headaches. With GT4T, keeping consistency is easy.

GT4T SimpleGlossary: the straightforward solution to keeping consistency

GT4T SimpleGlossary is a feature of GT4T. Download here:

Your client sends you a large file in Excel with past translations like this and asks you to ‘ translate highlighted parts and maintain consistency with past translations:’

Not easy, the ‘search’ feature under Excel is horrible. Exporting to a TM or terminology tool like Trados or any CAT is a nightmare. You have to work in their amazing CAT environment, and importing only the untranslated parts into those CATS and and exporting back is almost impossible. What seems so easy instead creates such a huge headache and frustration.

1. Importing is now simple copy/paste: I am so frustrated and I decided to create something really simple: GT4T SimpleGlossary. It uses plain text file as database that can be edited by any text editor or Excel. Exporting and importing now becomes an easy task of copy/paste. Copy the source and target columns and paste to SimpleGlossary database and there you go.

2. Search a term without leaving your application After copying past translations to GT4T’s Glossary file, you can then select a term anywhere and press ctrl+win+d (or ctrl+d when configured) to search the occurrences of that term in past translations. The translations will be listed in a pop-up:

3. Press the leading number or use UP/DOWN to insert that past translation! You don’t even need to type.

4. And click ‘see all results’ on the pop-up or press letter o on your keyboard, you open a browser window with all matches with the searched word being highlighted.

Remember GT4T is independent from any CAT tool and it works everywhere in all applications.

For more details read this tutorial.
As simple as that.

Version history

5.57.171017: add links to switch source in Dictionary; add baidu translator
5.56.171015: Fixed: GT4T doesn’t work in Wordfast Pro
5.56.171014: add support to the newer versions of Trados Studio & Deja vu
5.56.171012: Fixed: Ctrl+J doesn’t work in memoQ segments with tags.
5.56.171010:Add support to WordReference
5.56.171009:Add support to translate5, crowdin, and Glosbe
5.55.171008:Add support to Wordfast Pro. More than one custom cat can be added.
5.54.171007:Fixed: MS terminology doesn’t work with Danish; Potential crashing problem.
5.52.171005:Fixed: Keyboard shortcuts stops working when the previous thread is forced closed.
5.40.171002: 1)Query all available MTs simultaneously. 2). add Yandex. 3. Add linguee.
5.36.170920: Fixed broken Simple Glossary
5.30.170912: GT4T now supports DeepL!
5.23.170908: Fixed: CTRL key still behaves as if it’s pressed down after pressing ctrl+j
5.21.170804: Fixed: only translate 1st sentence when two sentences are submitted
5.20.170706: Added auto detect source language; added hotkey for swapping language pairs and sorting glossary
5.12.170705: Give up using gt4t.dll to avoid false virus alerts
5.10.170630: In app purchase added.
5.00.170628: Character based licenses can license up to ten computers.
4.92.170624: Add all Google Translate languages. More than 100 languages supported!
4.91.170620:Fix issues with Dictionary feature
4.90.170619: Switching to Google Neural engine.
4.32.121110: Adjusted the double ctrl press speed to avoid misfires.
4.32.121010: Fixed: Same translation results returned even when different source text is selected.
4.32.120930: Fixed: Retrieve license bug.
4.32.120420: Fixed: GT4T does not work when switching to another user on Windows 7.
4.32.120321: Fixed: Alternative translation and preview windows bug.
4.32.120228: Improved: “Wait for key release” is set as default and default key delay is set to 48ms to increase stability
4.32.120221: Improved: Intervals of double CTRL press is now adjustable (using the system double click interval); Automatically reload when hotkeys are changed for the changes to take effect immediately.
4.32.120219: Fixed: Switching hotkeys not deactivated when clicking the Close button of the dictionary popups
4.32.120218: Fixed: Auto detect source language and auto swap language doesn’t work. Improved: faster dictionary popups.
4.32, 2012-01-24: New feature: translating current/next segment can be set to support custom CATS. Fixed: 1) tab characters cannot be processed properly. 2) untranslatable tags are not handled correctly when selecting Use local google server.
4.31, 2012-01-09: New feature: added pretranslation feature using user-defined glossary before submitting to machine translation.
4.30, 2012-01-08: Added Turbo mode. Added close button to pop-ups. Added ctrl+click to copy to clipboard. Fixed hot keys random lost

GT4T is for translators

GT4T is specifically designed to meet translator’s needs. The other programs may not do the following:

1. Selective use of Machine Translation
Suspicious of Machine Translation? GT4T makes possible selective use. You decide which which part of a sentence to be ‘translated’ by Machine Translation.

2. Work everywhere
GT4T is independent of any CAT. Whether you use CAT tools or not, you will always find GT4T useful.

3. Show alternative translations from DeepL and insert translations of your choice with ease.

4. Show results from 5 engines at the same time. Notice there is no obviously more lag as MT engines are queried at the same time, not one after another.

5. Show dictionary results anywhere and insert your choice with number button or up/down arrows or mouse click

All these features can be access anywhere by selecting and then hitting different keyboard shortcuts.

Use WordReference, Glosbe or Linguee with GT4T

When GT4T is running, ctrl+d is added into all applications/programs as a shortcut to fetch translations from Glosbe.

Select a word anywhere in any application, and press Ctrl+d, you get a popup list of translations from Glosbe or Linguee or WordReference (which you picked at the setup screen).

Then use UP/DOWN arrows and Enter to insert the translation of your choice. In this way, you get translation suggestions without leaving the app you are working in. And the translation of your choice can be inserted where you are typing to save your keystrokes.

Download and install GT4T here and try it yourself! When GT4T is running, select the word below and press ctrl+d,

Query all MT engines simultaneously with version 5.40!

Ever wondered which MT (DeepL, Google, Microsoft or Yandex) is better with your text? Using GT4T 5.40, you can now have translations from all available MT engines listed in a pop-up. Use UP/DOWN arrows to choose the best one and press Enter to insert where you are typing.

Download now!

You can also get alternative translations from DeepL too by selecting and hitting a keyboard shortcut.

Version 5.40 also comes with Linguee Dictionary.  Select a word and press Ctrl+D and you get a pop up of dictionary translations to pick from.

Blind test shows Google is the worst MT for English-Spanish pair

100 sentences were translated by DeepL Translator, Google Translate, Microsoft Translator, and Facebook. Professional translators assessed the translations, without knowing which system produced which results. The translators preferred our translations over the competition’s by a factor of 3:1. Here are the results of a test run in August 2017:

GT4T is the probably the 1st translator productivity tool that integrates DeepL. It’s very useful without being complex. You select a word, a phrase or a sentence anywhere, press a keyboard shortcut and you get a popup containing a list of translation suggestions from DeepL. Then you can pick one to replace the selected source text.

GT4T now integrates DeepL Translator, with alternative translation feature!

GT4T now integrates DeepL Translator, with alternative translation feature!

Exciting news! GT4T now fully supports DeepL, including the alternative translation feature. Works in all applications. No need to learn. Just select some text anywhere and press Ctrl+j and then the selection is replaced by translation.

Click here to download

Go to the setup screen->Machine translation->Engine dropdown
Pick ‘DeepL translator’ and there you go. (See Pic 1)

If you choose ‘Show alternative translations’ (Pic 2). Select some source text and click Ctrl+j, you get a popup of alternative translations! Press a corresponding number or use UP/Down arrow and then Enter to replace with that translation.
If you choose ‘No preview’ under ‘Preview pop’, you can still access the alternative translations feature by hitting “CTRL+WIN+j”, with “CTR+J” assigned to replacing with translation.

Yes, GT4T works in all Windows-based apps. Select a word, a phrase or a sentence anywhere and press ctrl+j, your selection is replaced by translation from DeepL.

DeepL works all CAT tools too. It works with CTRL+ALT+j (translating current segment), CTRL+ALT+k (translating next segment).

GT4T is the correct use of MT. You choose which part of a sentence to be sent to MT. With GT4T, MT is just your best reference tool.

Download here!