Version history

5.57.171017: add links to switch source in Dictionary; add baidu translator
5.56.171015: Fixed: GT4T doesn’t work in Wordfast Pro
5.56.171014: add support to the newer versions of Trados Studio & Deja vu
5.56.171012: Fixed: Ctrl+J doesn’t work in memoQ segments with tags.
5.56.171010:Add support to WordReference
5.56.171009:Add support to translate5, crowdin, and Glosbe
5.55.171008:Add support to Wordfast Pro. More than one custom cat can be added.
5.54.171007:Fixed: MS terminology doesn’t work with Danish; Potential crashing problem.
5.52.171005:Fixed: Keyboard shortcuts stops working when the previous thread is forced closed.
5.40.171002: 1)Query all available MTs simultaneously. 2). add Yandex. 3. Add linguee.
5.36.170920: Fixed broken Simple Glossary
5.30.170912: GT4T now supports DeepL!
5.23.170908: Fixed: CTRL key still behaves as if it’s pressed down after pressing ctrl+j
5.21.170804: Fixed: only translate 1st sentence when two sentences are submitted
5.20.170706: Added auto detect source language; added hotkey for swapping language pairs and sorting glossary
5.12.170705: Give up using gt4t.dll to avoid false virus alerts
5.10.170630: In app purchase added.
5.00.170628: Character based licenses can license up to ten computers.
4.92.170624: Add all Google Translate languages. More than 100 languages supported!
4.91.170620:Fix issues with Dictionary feature
4.90.170619: Switching to Google Neural engine.
4.32.121110: Adjusted the double ctrl press speed to avoid misfires.
4.32.121010: Fixed: Same translation results returned even when different source text is selected.
4.32.120930: Fixed: Retrieve license bug.
4.32.120420: Fixed: GT4T does not work when switching to another user on Windows 7.
4.32.120321: Fixed: Alternative translation and preview windows bug.
4.32.120228: Improved: “Wait for key release” is set as default and default key delay is set to 48ms to increase stability
4.32.120221: Improved: Intervals of double CTRL press is now adjustable (using the system double click interval); Automatically reload when hotkeys are changed for the changes to take effect immediately.
4.32.120219: Fixed: Switching hotkeys not deactivated when clicking the Close button of the dictionary popups
4.32.120218: Fixed: Auto detect source language and auto swap language doesn’t work. Improved: faster dictionary popups.
4.32, 2012-01-24: New feature: translating current/next segment can be set to support custom CATS. Fixed: 1) tab characters cannot be processed properly. 2) untranslatable tags are not handled correctly when selecting Use local google server.
4.31, 2012-01-09: New feature: added pretranslation feature using user-defined glossary before submitting to machine translation.
4.30, 2012-01-08: Added Turbo mode. Added close button to pop-ups. Added ctrl+click to copy to clipboard. Fixed hot keys random lost

GT4T is for translators

GT4T is specifically designed to meet translator’s needs. The other programs may not do the following:

1. Selective use of Machine Translation
Suspicious of Machine Translation? GT4T makes possible selective use. You decide which which part of a sentence to be ‘translated’ by Machine Translation.

2. Work everywhere
GT4T is independent of any CAT. Whether you use CAT tools or not, you will always find GT4T useful.

3. Show alternative translations from DeepL and insert translations of your choice with ease.

4. Show results from 5 engines at the same time. Notice there is no obviously more lag as MT engines are queried at the same time, not one after another.

5. Show dictionary results anywhere and insert your choice with number button or up/down arrows or mouse click

All these features can be access anywhere by selecting and then hitting different keyboard shortcuts.

Use WordReference, Glosbe or Linguee with GT4T

When GT4T is running, ctrl+d is added into all applications/programs as a shortcut to fetch translations from Glosbe.

Select a word anywhere in any application, and press Ctrl+d, you get a popup list of translations from Glosbe or Linguee or WordReference (which you picked at the setup screen).

Then use UP/DOWN arrows and Enter to insert the translation of your choice. In this way, you get translation suggestions without leaving the app you are working in. And the translation of your choice can be inserted where you are typing to save your keystrokes.

Download and install GT4T here and try it yourself! When GT4T is running, select the word below and press ctrl+d,

Query all MT engines simultaneously with version 5.40!

Ever wondered which MT (DeepL, Google, Microsoft or Yandex) is better with your text? Using GT4T 5.40, you can now have translations from all available MT engines listed in a pop-up. Use UP/DOWN arrows to choose the best one and press Enter to insert where you are typing.

Download now!

You can also get alternative translations from DeepL too by selecting and hitting a keyboard shortcut.

Version 5.40 also comes with Linguee Dictionary.  Select a word and press Ctrl+D and you get a pop up of dictionary translations to pick from.

Blind test shows Google is the worst MT for English-Spanish pair

100 sentences were translated by DeepL Translator, Google Translate, Microsoft Translator, and Facebook. Professional translators assessed the translations, without knowing which system produced which results. The translators preferred our translations over the competition’s by a factor of 3:1. Here are the results of a test run in August 2017:

GT4T is the probably the 1st translator productivity tool that integrates DeepL. It’s very useful without being complex. You select a word, a phrase or a sentence anywhere, press a keyboard shortcut and you get a popup containing a list of translation suggestions from DeepL. Then you can pick one to replace the selected source text.

GT4T now integrates DeepL Translator, with alternative translation feature!

GT4T now integrates DeepL Translator, with alternative translation feature!

Exciting news! GT4T now fully supports DeepL, including the alternative translation feature. Works in all applications. No need to learn. Just select some text anywhere and press Ctrl+j and then the selection is replaced by translation.

Click here to download

Go to the setup screen->Machine translation->Engine dropdown
Pick ‘DeepL translator’ and there you go. (See Pic 1)

If you choose ‘Show alternative translations’ (Pic 2). Select some source text and click Ctrl+j, you get a popup of alternative translations! Press a corresponding number or use UP/Down arrow and then Enter to replace with that translation.
If you choose ‘No preview’ under ‘Preview pop’, you can still access the alternative translations feature by hitting “CTRL+WIN+j”, with “CTR+J” assigned to replacing with translation.

Yes, GT4T works in all Windows-based apps. Select a word, a phrase or a sentence anywhere and press ctrl+j, your selection is replaced by translation from DeepL.

DeepL works all CAT tools too. It works with CTRL+ALT+j (translating current segment), CTRL+ALT+k (translating next segment).

GT4T is the correct use of MT. You choose which part of a sentence to be sent to MT. With GT4T, MT is just your best reference tool.

Download here!

Brief introduction

With the new neural engine, the modern machine translation gets really good. Some colleagues start to worry one day it may replace us. Before that happens, we at least can make it work for us.

The idea is simple, you select some text anywhere, hit a button, the selected part then is replaced with translation. It can do the job, give you new translation ideas, or at least save a few key strokes.

Simple as it is, it can really help you translate faster. Some users reported that it increased their productivity by 100% and that was 9 years ago.

Yes, it works in China, without a VPN.

So why don’t give it a try for free. Download here:

Or read the documentation here to see how easy it is:

Early articles about GT4T in 2010 by Ques

By Ques
Like other professionals, translators have their own tool kits. I obtained the translation of this next set of countries using a simple but useful software called GT4T. More about GT4T below. Let’s talk about CATs first.

About 75% of translators I know use computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools. I believe the industry standard is Trados. Other popular CATs include Wordfast, MemoQ and DivX. These aren’t machine translation software, they are called terminology memory software and they help facilitate the work of translators who have to translate documents with word counts in the thousands. They help retain the consistency of term usage.

I once tried Wordfast years ago but gave it up after a few weeks. Don’t ask me why. I think my discomfort had to do with the interface.

Translators also have machine translation software programs which, we all know, don’t do a perfect job. Machine translation has not yet reached its full maturity, and leaves much to be desired. One example of a machine translation software is Systran. I gave it a try. It did a so-so job, and while the user manual said that its memory can be “trained”, one word I was never able to teach it was “borough.” In Montreal, we say “arrondisement” just like they do in France, but Systran kept returning the word “district” as the English translation even if I kept correcting it and sending it to the memory term base.

So translation tools, I’m afraid, have left a bitter taste on my mouth. Maybe it’s my fault for not trying hard enough to decode the configuration. I almost bought MemoQ not too long ago but I’ve been reading the comments on Yahoo groups and while some of them have been charmed by it, there seems to be a lot of issues. MemoQ, however, has excellent customer support. Users praise their customer support staff to high heavens. But for now I’m staying away from any translation software – whether it’s a CAT or machine translation software.

Last week, I came across Dallas Cao’s GT4T while I was surfing on ProZ, and it’s a clever concoction, without the whistles and bells. It is based on Google’s translation base and it does a good job. GT4T stands for “Google Translate for Translators.” It works only within Microsoft Word and the operation is fairly straightforward. I’m actually enjoying it. You can find out more by going to
Oh yes, it’s of course limited in functionalities compared toTrados, Wordfast or MemoQ, but when you’re pressed for time and don’t have time to learn the intricacies of CAT tools, Dallas Cao’s GT4T is excellent! After you’ve translated the document using it, all you need to do is to clean it up and do the required quality control. I used GT4T to do this next set of countries for you, but had to add the “le” or the “la” before the French name (hello Google!)

la Hongrie Hungary
Île Maurice (fem) Mauritius
le Japon Japan
la Jordanie Jordan
le Koweït Kuwait
la Lettonie Latvia
la Libye Libya
Malte (fem) Malta
le Maroc Morocco
la Norvège Norway
l’Ouganda (m) Uganda
la Nouvelle-Zélande

What is GT4T

NOTICE: API error fix: Download and run this if you receive an API error. Click here to download

GT4T Suite integrates Google Translate, Bing translator, MyMemory, on-line dictionaries, and a glossary tool into all Windows applications. It supports many language pairs (over 50 languages). It brings the most useful online resources to your fingertip to ensure smoother translation process with less interruption and can remarkably increase your productivity.

testimonials | demo | Screen shots| More screen shots

GT4T is easy to use and there is absolutely no need to learn. Just select some text anywhere and press a hot key. It’s small and clean, and uninstalls properly. Try it for free! It will only a few seconds.

GT4T has following features:

  • Unlike MT plug-ins for CATS where you can only send the whole segment to MT, GT4T allows you to send only the portions of a sentence that MT can do a good job. (More…)
  • GT4T combines user-defined Glossary pretranslation and Goolge Translate so the result is always right! (More…)
  • Use Google and Bing Translator at the same time. Both results appear in the same pop-up. (More…)
  • Get alternative translations for different syntagms of a sentence in a pop-up. (More…)
  • Check Google, Microsoft terminology dictionaries without having to switch to a web browser. (More…)
  • Simple Glossary feature helps you keep consistency. (More…)
  • Special hot keys that translate current and next segments in CATS. It supports Tageditor, Trados Workbench, Trados 2009, Wordfast, SDLX, memoQ, and Deja Vu. (More…)

The philosophy of GT4T is to provide useful features without making things more complex. The earliest users will find the new version works the same way with the 1st version: just select any text anywhere and hit a hot key, magic!

Warning: do not use GT4T as a mindless machine translation tool. Use it to save key stroke, get translation options for phrases, and keep consistency.

Use Google Translate:

You are always welcome to contact me about anything. Please use Contact me page to send me an email or use the Q & A page.

Dallas Cao, English to Chinese translator

Update your Simple Glossary xls file

There is an incompatibility between different versions. When you added to simple glossary before using older versions, the pretranslate feature of the new version may not work. Please do the following to update your Simple Glossary xls file:

1. Run about to make sure you are using the newest version of GT4T.
2. Go to the setup screen and go to Dictionary & Glossary tab.
3. Click “Edit Glossary in Excel”.
4. On the first line, you will find column names like:

SourceText Translations InsertDate

and a warning message “Warning: do not change the column title.”

5. Now delete that warning message:-) If your glossary file only have three or four columns you need to add some to make it five.

So if you have three columns with the name of

SourceText Translations InsertDate

Add two more:
LanPair SourceLength

Be careful with the spelling and the case.

You don’t need to manually fill the LanPair and SourceLenth values for each record as they will be automatically calculated.

6. Save and close the file and go to go to Dictionary & Glossary tab again and then click the “Sort” button.