Buy DeepL Pro in the USA

DeepL currently only sells their DeepL Pro in the EU. Translators in the USA can purchase a GT4T DeepL Pro plan and use DeepL Pro in all Windows / Mac apps and enjoy the extra confidentiality that DeepL Pro offers.

Even translators in the EU will mostly end up saving money by using DeepL Pro through GT4T as GT4T offers more flexible and yet plans: char-based which has no time-limit, time-based which has no usage limit.

And with GT4T, you can use DeepL Pro in all Windows/Mac CAT or editor programs without the need to open your browser.

Download now and enjoy full-featured trial period and when the trial period ends, you have an option switch to GT4T Free. Use the unlimited dictionary feature, glossary feature and two MT engines for free!

Download now!