You can now use ChatGPT as a translation engine!

GT4T is a desktop app that allows you to get multiple translation suggestions of selected text within any window.

ChatGPT, the viral AI engine, has been added to GT4T as a machine translation source!

I tried it with English to Chinese, it’s pretty good. It appears that it can generate more creative and fluent translations than other engines.

Set your language pair, select some source text and press Ctrl Win J, you will get:


To use ChatGPT with GT4T,  go to Setup -> Multiple engines


There are also whistles and bells to tweak. Go to GT4T Settings -> API, click Next Page twice.


Of course, you can use ChatGPT normally. Ask it a question, get synonyms, correct / rewrite sentences, explain things, etc. It can be pretty creative. See this communist-style Ode to the all-mighty Joe Biden created by ChatGPT!


Go to download and install GT4T and it will work out of the box.


How to translate into a language you do not know, with confidence

The correct answer is of course to hire a translator. If you use machine translation, you know there will be places that are completely wrong.

What if you want to use machine translation and avoid as much as possible downright mistakes?

I added a “display back-translation” feature to GT4T and find it charming. It do sometimes help you identify the completely wrong machine translations.

GT4T is able to display several machine translations for users to pick from. Select the source text and press ctrl win j, you get this pop-up:

It doesn’t help much as I do now know Korean. But if I turn on “display back-translation”, I get this:

Now I know the last one is probably correct. Select it and press Enter and you get the Korean translation with ease of mind (hopefully).

프로파일 중 루프: WIN +

Translate JSON files using GT4T

GT4T is not the only product that can only translate JSON files, but with GT4T,

  1. You can pick any of the 30 automatic translation engines. Whatever your language pair is, you always can get state-of-the-art automatic translation quality.
  2. You can select multiple files and even folders to be translated.
  3. Files are handled locally on your own computer. No upload is needed.
  4. And you can specify key names whose values are to be translated.

In real life, JSON files can be quite large and complicated with all kinds of data. Importing such a JSON file into CAT tools like Trados won’t work well. You simply don’t want to translate all the text data! With GT4T you can specify a list of key names whose values are to be translated.

For example,

In this screenshot, only values of the key “description” need to be translated and you should never touch other values.

It’s pretty easy to translate using GT4T. Just drag the files into the dropping area of GT4T.



“Specify key names” dialog appears. Check “Translate all keys with text values” if you want to translate all text values. If you want only to translate certain keys, fill the “Specify key names” field with key names whose values need to be translated.


In our case above, you type the key name “description” and click “Continue”, wait a while and you will get the perfectly translated file!

GT4T is a Windows/Mac app that helps you translate faster and better. Download now from

GT4T update log: 220811

    8.35.220625: Fixed: several problems with Trados file translation; better tag handling.
    8.35.220617: Fixed: File translator stuck on rare occations
    8.35.220608: Fixed: File translator stuck on start; Pinyin translation; cannot acquire hard code
    8.35.220526: Fixed minor problems when translating markdown. Fixed a rebilling bug
    8.35.220520: Added rtf support. Fixed bugs with docx, and markdown translation
    8.34.220512: Fixed issues with Memsource
    8.34.220505: Fixed an encode detecing issue when translating plaint text files
    8.34.220426: Fixed a pricing problem at in-app purchase
    8.34.220423: Text boxes are properly handled in Word; fixed a spacing problem in translation
    8.34.220418: Fixed missing soft returns in Word
    8.34.220407: Fixed broken Traditional Chinese Hongkong.
    8.34.220331: Really fixed dirpath cannot be empty error when generating target files.
    8.34.220322: Trados segment status can be set; segments with comments are properly handled; fixed broken dash fix; added always translate upper case option
    8.34.220316: Fixed: tag issue when translating xliff files; corrupted xliff files when using xunfei; 100 file limit when dropping folder. File translator file list now can be edited
    8.34.220309: Urgent fix: shortcuts stop working after aborting File Translator; $ sign error when translating sdlxliff
    8.34.220227: Language is now properly set in Translated Word document
    8.34.220221: Fixed broken smartcat support; fixed ‘invalid key’ for deepl
    8.34.220205: Fixed broken dictionaries; added “lock pop-up width/height” options
    8.34.220141: Fixed: 1) Improved sdlxliff translation; 2)Fixed broken multi-file CafeTran and .xlz translation; 3) added html translation 4) fixed broken folder translation
    8.34.220133: Fixed: 1) Error on replacing original file when translating large .docx files; 2) Corrupted Trados file; 3) Improved markdown/Rst/adoc translation
    8.34.220123: Fixed: skipped PDF contents; Remove line-breaking hyphenation for better translation quality
    8.34.220113: Urgent fix: Text sometimes remains untranslated when containing numbers.
    8.34.220108: Fixed: File Translator stuck when translating multiple files. Added .rst, .asciidoc translation. Fixed broken .srt translation;
    8.34.211226: Added translating folders
    8.33.211224: Fixed: contents are skipped when translating PDF
    8.33.211220: Added more Chinese variations (Traditional Chinese HK and Chinese literal)
    8.33.211210: Fixed a bug that could corrupt Word files
    8.33.211209: File Translator can translate doc, ppt, xls formats
    8.33.211208: Fixed: bugs with plain Japanese conversion; Chinese second person choices
    8.33.211203: Fixed: bug with auto detect source language
    8.33.211201: Fixed: corrupted Word file
    8.33.211134: Fixed broken .srt translation
    8.33.211133: Added screen capture translation
    8.32.211123: Added image file translation
    8.31.211120: Fixed: Corrupted Trados file; Target not filled; right to left languages for Word
    8.31.211118: Users can choose to add or remove space between English and Chinese.
    8.30.211116: Fixed: loading issue when starting with Windows
    8.30.211114: Fixed: 1) broken MT/AT tag remover; 2) a bug that could freeze File translator; 3) a but that could corrupt files
    8.20.211038: Removing inline tags applicable to Office or markdown files
    8.20.211030: Added Markdown file translation; fix more bugs with Word file translation.
    8.19.211024: Updated NewTranX and systran Marketplace
    8.19.211015: File translator can handle BIG files, headers, footers, notes, graphs, equations.
    8.18.210930: PDF files, including unedible ones, are better handled.
    8.18.210910: Fixed: UTF-8 BOM mark bug
    8.18.210831: Fixed: Notepad is opened instead of Excel when editing glossary
    8.18.210826: Fixed: corrupted docx file when it contains table of contents
    8.17.210818: Use twin-engine for File Translator
    8.17.210815: Added ctrl shift K to translate in batches with pop-up
    8.16.210812: Fixed another corrupted word file bug.
    8.16.210810: Bilingual files output; marcro enabled office files; fixed right-to-left language problems with pptx
  8.16.210808: Fixed broken atman
    8.16.210709: Added 10jqka and 云上曲率, fixed Tencent
    8.16.210628: Added newTranX; Fixed ModernMT not translating from zh
    8.16.210622: File Translator on-demand payment for China. Fixed a bug with quotation marks replacement
    8.16.210619: Fixed 1) Japanese plain style converter; 2) Corrupted xlsx files
    8.16.210614: Price factors show correctly when an API code is provided
    8.16.210613: Fixed: Broken multil-line sdlxliff translation; Tilde goes official; corrupted Word file; all major languages can choose quotation marks
    8.16.210608: Added an option to output plain Japanese
    8.16.210602: Fixed broken “license information” page
    8.16.210601: Officially added atman

Translate markdown / adoc / reStructuredText (.rst) files using GT4T


CSDN, a popular programmer community website in China, after lots of comparison of different solutions, finally chose GT4T as its provider for translating markdown /adoc /reStructuredText files.

CSDN chose GT4T as its provider for a reason: GT4T can handle these types of files very well. Look at this screenshot of the Electron markdown manual.


Here is the translation by GT4T. It can keep tags, and formats and translate only parts that need to be translated and skip code blocks.


Besides formats, GT4T integrates 30 automatic translation engines worldwide. Whatever your language pair is, you can always get the state-of-the-art translation.

And you can use a glossary file to fix automatic translation so terms will be translated correctly. You can also easily add untranslatables – lots of terms in IT do not need to be translated!

GT4T is a Windows/Mac app that helps you translate faster and better. Download it here



Update log

8.14.210525: Fixed broken GT4T Free
8.14.210524: Added translating InDesign .idml files.
8.12.210523: Added Tilde, Neurotolge, Atman
8.12.210516: Added an option to use French quotation marks
8.11.210513: Added Volcano translator
8.11.210511: Fixed a Systran Marketplace bug
8.11.210508: Switch to Wechat merchant account
8.11.210502: Fixed corrupted file bug; price factor bug
8.11.210430: MT voting
8.11.210428: Added Systran Marketplace; added industries
8.11.210414: Really fixed “DeepL returns empty string” error; Ignore more Trados statuses.
8.11.210408: Changed the default pop-up color to ghost white
8.10.210404: Better taghandling when using baidu or sogou; “fix MT” can be used with niutran
8.10.210331: Added translating .xlz files; fix lots of bugs with File Translator tag handling
8.10.210329: Fixed broken .sdlxliff files when containing multi-line segments
8.10.210328: Fixed htmlentities bugs; fixed dollar sign bug; normalizeHTML bug
8.10.210324: Added ModernMT, MyMemory, formality
8.10.210321: CAT file tag handling; reader mode.
8.09.210317: htmlentities now skips tags;
8.09.210316: Fixed mySmartQuotes corrupt tags; more fixes on tag remover
8.09.210315: Fixed corrupted wordfast file when using removing MT.
8.09.210313: AT tag remover now supports wordfast Pro files.
8.09.210312: Fixed: More engines support Trados tag handling; fixed an ‘undefined’ error with memsource files
8.09.210311: Fixed: pop-up background color; keep trados file in-line format
8.09.210310: Fixed: Accented keys are not shown properly on the shortcut list.
8.09.210307: Fixed some proxy issues.
8.09.210306: Pop-up content is now scrollable.
8.09.210305: Fixed: File Translator sometimes outputs empty or corrupted docx files

GT4T update logs

      7.19.201119: Fixed a crash problem with source text is “NULL”
      7.19.201117: Repetitions won’t be resubmitted to MT and chars won’t be recounted.
      7.18.201112: Source Language is now detected before translating with File Translator; Word file can be translated even when the file is open.
      7.18.201108: Fixed pt-br with niutrans; change built-in proxy.
      7.18.201028: Users can open Glossary with WPS if it’s installed.
      7.18.201020: Added British English support
      7.18.201015: Urgent fix: File Translator translates Trados locked segments when ‘translate unconfirmed’ is ticked.
      7.18.201014: Added Japanese to Papago
      7.18.201006: Added support to SDL, Memsource, XTM, Lokalise, 译马网 online editors and Transit NXT; Fixed a problem with OmegaT
      7.18.200928: You can choose whether to translate the unconfirmed segments with File Translator
      7.17.200923: Urgent fix: File Translator broken when ‘Fix MT’ is ticked; ‘Fix MT’ setting is lost upon updating from older versions
      7.17.200919: File Translator resumes at break points.
      7.16.200910: API settings now stay the same on changing profiles
      7.16.200906: Added many languages; added ‘pre-translate’ to Fix MT for better quality
      7.15.200901: Added MT Papago.
      7.14.200830: Fixed File Translator right-click menu item problem.
      7.14.200801: Fixed ‘Language pair not supported’ tencent/youdao bug with Portuguese
      7.14.200731: Fixed broken NiuTrans
      7.14.200722: Fixed a crucial bug with ‘Fix MT with Glossary’ when translating on files
      7.14.200713: Fixed broken Baidu, Tencent & CloudTranslation; ‘Fix MT with Glossary’ feature now also works with File Translator
      7.14.200712: ‘Fix MT with Glossary’ feature now also works with File Translator
      7.14.200625: Added TradooIT MT and dictionary.
      7.14.200618: Fixed broken on-line dictionaries
      7.14.200614: You can now select which connections go through proxy
      7.14.200531: File Translator sometimes outputs corrupted files
      7.14.200527: File Translator now skips locked segments in .sdlxliff files
      7.14.200519: Fixed 1) Broken Portuguese dictionaries; 2) linking bugs at the purchase pop-up
      7.14.200320: Fixed: File Translator corrupts Word files with hyperlinks
      7.14.200318: File Translator: Added .dvsat file type.
      7.14.200314: F1-F10 keys can be set as global to search for selected words. Fixed the Punjabi language
      7.14.200305: Fixed broken Niutrans to 0304. Added Systran. Fixed: ESC won’t work when requests take too long
      7.14.200304: Added Systran. Fixed: ESC won’t work when requests take too long
      7.12.200207: Fixed: ‘no more character remaining’ with time-based licenses
      7.12.200130: Added progress bar to File Translator. Fixed: right-click command issue; File Translator freezes at finishing
      7.12.200124: File Translator now can translate Word, Excel or PowerPoint files. Added drag & drop support, and option to add to file right-click menu
      7.12.200117: File Translator now can translate DVX3 files
      7.12.200112: File Translator Bug fixes for translating Trados and MemoQ files
      7.12.200105: Urgent bug fix: GT4T stops working for time-based users; File Translator now can translate Wordfast files
      7.11.200104: File Translator can translate memoQ bilingual files. Lots of bug fixes to 7.xx.
      7.01.191222: Added ‘File Translator’ (only Trados bilingual file for the moment)
      6.06.191125: Improved multiple-paragrah translation
      6.06.191121: Fixed broken license information page
      6.06.191015: Added SysTran
      6.06.191007: Fixed/removed broken dictionaries; added TAUS and LEO
      6.06.190926: New feature: Press ‘a’ to paste all translations at pop-up.
      6.06.190820: Fixed ‘object null is not iterable’ error google neural
      6.06.190724: Fixed the pasting problem in Trados
      6.06.190711: Google returns ‘bad request’ when ‘auto detect source language’ is on; GT4T hangs when ‘Auto Swap language pair’ is on;
      6.05.190709: Fixed occasional Google ‘Rate or quota exceeded’ error.
      6.05.190619: Removed ‘selected too much text error’
      6.05.190604: Added ‘Do not auto close pop-up’ option
      6.05.190508: Added ‘Auto swap language pair’ option
      6.05.190504: Improve stability of copy/paste by adding a slight delay
      6.05.190417: Fixed ‘too many request error’ with Google phrase-based
      6.05.190413: Added Alchemy Catalyst support
      6.05.190407: Added dictionary, bing dictionary for en-zh pair.
      6.05.190402: Fixed: Glossary file not found error on Windows 7; Added MT: (Yunyi)
      6.05.190323: Dictionaries can be automatically selected based on language pair; added glossary
      6.04.190320: Fixed: Holding down Ctrl triggers shortcut when it is set to ‘press ctrl twice quickly’; Adding more dictionaries
      6.04.190309: Aquiring source text and pasting translation gets faster and more reliable.
      6.04.190307: New char-based users can use their own API; Slim users can now use built-in API
      6.04.190304: Fixed broken Tencent MT
      6.04.190221: Added Crisco,, and WebSlovnik
      6.04.190216: For the new char-based users, using ‘lower-tier’ MT engines will deduct fewer chars. Italian translation by Riccardo Schiaffino
      6.03.190201: Direct replace has less delay; Chinese localization
      6.03.190129: Added Sogou MT, the best MT for en-zh pair.
      6.03.190125: Profile names now can be changed.
      6.03.190118: Dictionary & Glossary are now free features and chars are no longer counted for character-based licenses
      6.03.190115: Fixed a spacing problem with ‘fix MT with glossary’
      6.03.190113: 1) Added Tencent Translator; 2) More specific error messages
      6.02.190109: Profiles now also remember dictionary, MT selections
      6.02.190107: 1) Removed follow caret in Word option which could interfere with typing. 2) Fixed: Pop-up won’t appear on some rare occasions.
      6.02.190105: You can now save settings as profiles and loop among them using a hotkey.
      6.01.190103: 1) Fixed broken Chinese Pinyin support; 2) Fixed broken auto detect for dictionaries; 3) Fixed ‘undefined’ error with dictionaries
      6.01.181230: Fixed support for MateCat; nag screen shows localized prices.
      6.01.181228: Added support for Transtool, Cent Browser, Tstream Editor

GT4T now supports translations between 309 languages!

GT4T has updated to support all the languages MT engines support, making the total number languages to 309! Yes, 14 MT engines, 309 languages, endless language pairs.

The MT engine that supports most number of languages is probably It supports 304 languages.

I used to think big companies like Google or Miscrosft are the best and when a Chinese MT provider provides many languages, I immediately think that they might buy or use data from either Google or Microsoft.

But no, translations from are different and neither Google nor Microsoft provides that many languages. And the translation quality is pretty good too. Here are my calculations.

name: Google Neural, Number of languages: 105
name: Microsoft Translator, Number of languages: 77
name: Youdao, Number of languages: 111
name: Yandex, Number of languages: 33
name: Google Phrase Based, Number of languages: 105
name: DeepL Pro, Number of languages: 14
name: Baidu, Number of languages: 26
name: Tencent, Number of languages: 16
name: Sogou, Number of languages: 61
name: CloudTranslation, Number of languages: 15
name: NiuTrans, Number of languages: 304
name: Systran, Number of languages: 46
name: TradooIT, Number of languages: 2
name: Papago, Number of languages: 9

All languages that GT4T supports:

const allSupportedLan= {
knj: ‘Acateco’,
ace: ‘Aceh’,
acr: ‘Achi’,
acu: ‘Achuar’,
adh: ‘Adhola’,
af: ‘Afrikaans’,
any: ‘Agni Sanvi’,
duo: ‘Agta Eastern Cagayan’,
agr: ‘Aguaruna’,
ake: ‘Akawaio’,
sq: ‘Albanian’,
amk: ‘Ambai’,
am: ‘Amharic’,
amu: ‘Amuzgo’,
ar: ‘Arabic’,
hy: ‘Armenian’,
cpb: ‘Ashéninka’,
aym: ‘Aymara’,
az: ‘Azerbaijani’,
azb: ‘Azerbaijani South’,
bdh: ‘Baká’,
ptu: ‘Bambam’,
bam: ‘Bambara’,
bqj: ‘Bandial’,
bno: ‘Bantoanon’,
bsn: ‘Barasana’,
bfa: ‘Bari’,
bch: ‘Bariai’,
bba: ‘Bariba’,
ba: ‘Bashkir’,
eu: ‘Basque’,
be: ‘Belarusian’,
bem: ‘Bemba’,
bn: ‘Bengali’,
ber: ‘Berber’,
bi: ‘Bislama’,
bus: ‘Bokobaru’,
bnp: ‘Bola’,
bs: ‘Bosnian’,
br: ‘Brezhoneg’,
bg: ‘Bulgarian’,
my: ‘Burmese’,
bqp: ‘Busa’,
cjp: ‘Cabecar’,
cak: ‘Cakchiquel’,
cni: ‘Campa’,
kbh: ‘Camsa’,
yue: ‘Cantonese (粵語)’,
ca: ‘Catalan’,
ceb: ‘Cebuano’,
ccp: ‘Chakma’,
cha: ‘Chamorro’,
che: ‘Chechen’,
chr: ‘Cherokee’,
ny: ‘Chewa’,
cbl: ‘Chin Bualkhaw’,
cfm: ‘Chin Falam’,
cnh: ‘Chin Hakha’,
ctd: ‘Chin Tedim’,
czt: ‘Chin Zotung’,
chq: ‘Chinantec’,
‘zh-py’: ‘Chinese Pinyin’,
‘zh-cn’: ‘Chinese Simplified’,
‘zh-tw’: ‘Chinese Traditional’,
cdf: ‘Chiru’,
cv: ‘Chuvash’,
cop: ‘Coptic’,
co: ‘Corsican’,
hwc: ‘Creole English Hawai’i’,
ht: ‘Creole Haitian’,
crs: ‘Creole Seychelles’,
hr: ‘Croatian’,
cs: ‘Czech’,
mps: ‘Dadibi’,
da: ‘Danish’,
dik: ‘Dinka’,
tbz: ‘Ditammari’,
dv: ‘Divehi’,
dtp: ‘Dusun Central’,
nl: ‘Dutch’,
dyu: ‘Dyula’,
dz: ‘Dzongkha’,
en: ‘English’,
enx: ‘Enxet’,
eo: ‘Esperanto’,
et: ‘Estonian’,
ee: ‘Ewe’,
fo: ‘Faroese’,
fj: ‘Fijian’,
fil: ‘Filipino’,
fi: ‘Finnish’,
gur: ‘Frafra’,
fr: ‘French’,
fy: ‘Frisian’,
fuv: ‘Fulfulde Nigerian’,
gd: ‘Gaelic Scottish’,
gbi: ‘Galela’,
gl: ‘Galician’,
krs: ‘Gbaya’,
jy: ‘Georgian’,
de: ‘German’,
gof: ‘Goffa’,
gbo: ‘Grebo Northern’,
el: ‘Greek’,
gub: ‘Guajajára’,
gnw: ‘Guaraní Western Bolivian’,
gu: ‘Gujarati’,
hlb: ‘Halbi’,
ha: ‘Hausa’,
haw: ‘Hawaiian’,
he: ‘Hebrew’,
hi: ‘Hindi’,
hmn: ‘Hmong’,
huv: ‘Huave San Mateo del Mar’,
hui: ‘Huli’,
hu: ‘Hungarian’,
is: ‘Icelandic’,
ify: ‘Ifugao Antipolo’,
ifb: ‘Ifugao Ayangan’,
ifa: ‘Ifugao Central’,
ig: ‘Igbo’,
ikk: ‘Ika’,
id: ‘Indonesian’,
ga: ‘Irish’,
it: ‘Italian’,
izz: ‘Izi’,
jac: ‘Jakalteko’,
ja: ‘Japanese’,
jv: ‘Javanese’,
kac: ‘Jingpho’,
kab: ‘Kabyle’,
keo: ‘Kakwa’,
xal: ‘Kalmyk-Oirat’,
kn: ‘Kannada’,
kpg: ‘Kapingamarangi’,
cki: ‘Kaqchikel’,
xsm: ‘Kasem’,
pss: ‘Kaulong’,
kyu: ‘Kayah Western’,
ka: ‘Kazakh’,
kk: ‘Kazakh(Cyrillic)’,
kbo: ‘Keliko’,
km: ‘Khmer’,
quc: ‘Kiche’,
kg: ‘Kikongo’,
rw: ‘Kinyarwanda’,
gil: ‘Kiribati’,
rn: ‘Kirundi’,
jmc: ‘Kisiha’,
‘tlh-Latn’: ‘Klingon Latin’,
‘tlh-Piqd’: ‘Klingon Piqd’,
ko: ‘Korean’,
ksd: ‘Kuanua’,
kle: ‘Kulung’,
ku: ‘Kurdish’,
kmr: ‘Kurdish Northern’,
ky: ‘Kyrgyz’,
lsi: ‘Lacid’,
lo: ‘Lao’,
la: ‘Latin’,
lv: ‘Latvian’,
lcp: ‘Lawa Western’,
ln: ‘Lingala’,
ond: ‘Lingao’,
lt: ‘Lithuanian’,
ngl: ‘Lomwe’,
lg: ‘Luganda’,
dop: ‘Lukpa’,
lnd: ‘Lun Bawang’,
lb: ‘Luxembourgish’,
mdy: ‘Maale’,
mk: ‘Macedonian’,
mad: ‘Madurese’,
mg: ‘Malagasy’,
ms: ‘Malay’,
ml: ‘Malayalam’,
mt: ‘Maltese’,
mam: ‘Mam’,
map: ‘Mam Northern’,
mni: ‘Manipuri’,
mbb: ‘Manobo Western Bukidnon’,
gv: ‘Manx’,
mi: ‘Maori’,
mrw: ‘Maranao’,
mr: ‘Marathi’,
mhr: ‘Mari’,
mrj: ‘Mari Hill’,
mah: ‘Marshallese’,
yua: ‘Maya Yucatec’,
mo: ‘Mongol’,
mn: ‘Mongolian Cyrillic’,
me: ‘Montenegro’,
mos: ‘Mossi’,
meu: ‘Motu’,
hmo: ‘Motu Hiri’,
tih: ‘Murut Timugon’,
muv: ‘Muthuvan’,
nhg: ‘Nahuatl’,
ntm: ‘Nateni’,
djk: ‘Ndyuka’,
ne: ‘Nepali’,
no: ‘Norwegian’,
nop: ‘Numanggang’,
nyy: ‘Nyakyusa’,
ojb: ‘Ojibwa’,
or: ‘Oriya’,
bdu: ‘Oroko’,
om: ‘Oromoo’,
os: ‘Ossetic’,
otq: ‘Otomi Queretaro’,
pck: ‘Paite’,
pap: ‘Papiamento’,
ps: ‘Pashto’,
ata: ‘Pele-Ata’,
fa: ‘Persian’,
pl: ‘Polish’,
poh: ‘Poqomchi’’,
‘pt-pt’: ‘Portuguese’,
‘pt-br’: ‘Portuguese Brazil’,
pot: ‘Potawatomi’,
pa: ‘Punjabi’,
kek: ‘Qeqchi’,
quz: ‘Quechua Cusco’,
quh: ‘Quechua South Bolivian’,
quw: ‘Quichua’,
qxr: ‘Quichua Cañar Highland’,
rmn: ‘Romani’,
ro: ‘Romanian’,
rug: ‘Roviana’,
ru: ‘Russian’,
spy: ‘Sabaot’,
ssx: ‘Samberigi’,
sm: ‘Samoan’,
sg: ‘Sango’,
‘sr-Cyrl’: ‘Serbian’,
‘sr-Latn’: ‘Serbian Latin’,
st: ‘Sesotho’,
shp: ‘Shipibo’,
sn: ‘Shona’,
jiv: ‘Shuar’,
sid: ‘Sidamo’,
sd: ‘Sindhi’,
si: ‘Sinhalese’,
ssd: ‘Siroi’,
sk: ‘Slovak’,
sl: ‘Slovenian’,
so: ‘Somali’,
es: ‘Spanish’,
swp: ‘Suau’,
su: ‘Sundanese’,
sw: ‘Swahili’,
sv: ‘Swedish’,
syc: ‘Syriac’,
shi: ‘Tachelhit’,
ty: ‘Tahitian’,
tg: ‘Tajik’,
tmh: ‘Tamajaq’,
ta: ‘Tamil’,
tpm: ‘Tampulma’,
tt: ‘Tatar’,
crh: ‘Tatar Crimean’,
te: ‘Telugu’,
tex: ‘Tennet’,
teo: ‘Teso’,
tet: ‘Tetun’,
th: ‘Thai’,
ti: ‘Tibetic (བོད་སྐད།, 藏语)’,
tig: ‘Tigre’,
tpi: ‘Tok Pisin’,
to: ‘Tongan’,
cas: ‘Tsimané’,
tn: ‘Tswana’,
iou: ‘Tuma-Irumu’,
lcm: ‘Tungag’,
tr: ‘Turkish’,
tk: ‘Turkmen’,
tyv: ‘Tuvan’,
tw: ‘Twi’,
udm: ‘Udmurt’,
uk: ‘Ukrainian’,
ppk: ‘Uma’,
ur: ‘Urdu’,
usp: ‘Uspanteco’,
uy: ‘Uyghur’,
uz: ‘Uzbek’,
ve: ‘Venda’,
vi: ‘Vietnamese’,
vun: ‘Vunjo’,
prk: ‘Wa’,
wlx: ‘Wali’,
war: ‘Waray’,
wrs: ‘Waris’,
wsk: ‘Waskia’,
cy: ‘Welsh’,
wal: ‘Wolaytta’,
wol: ‘Wolof’,
xh: ‘Xhosa’,
ts: ‘Xitsonga’,
jae: ‘Yabem’,
ii: ‘Yi (ꆈꌠꉙ, 彝)’,
yi: ‘Yiddish’,
byr: ‘Yipma’,
pil: ‘Yom’,
yon: ‘Yongkom’,
yo: ‘Yoruba’,
dje: ‘Zarma’,
za: ‘Zhuang (壮)’,
zyb: ‘Zhuang Yongbei (邕北壮)’,
zu: ‘Zulu’

Use your own DeepL Subscription with GT4T

1. Buy a subscription from Don’t buy the Starter plan which does not support CAT integration.

2. Log on to after purchasing and go to ‘account’

3. Find ‘Authentication Key for DeepL API’ and click ‘copy to clipboard’ button.


4. Open GT4T Setup screen (Press Ctrl+Alt+F2 on Windows, Cmd+Option+F2 on Mac), go to API tab. Tick ‘Enable Deepl Pro’ and paste your DeepL API code.

5. You can then buy GT4T slim plan to use with your own deepl subscription. If you use your deepl API with other GT4T char-based plans, the character count will be discounted proportionally.