Q: My anti-virus application reports GT4T contains viruses.

GT4T is coded signed by reputable DigiCert.com and it is tested clean by Cosmin Anton from softpedia.com.  If your anti-virus application gives out warnings please kindly contact me and tell me the name and version of the application. See the about page for more information about me, the sole developer of GT4T.


Q: Is it safe to pay with my credit card?

Yes. When you pay, you are redirected to https://fastspring.com/. You are actually buying from fastspring.com, the reseller of GT4T. neither me nor fastspring people has access to your credit card information. Run a background check of the company fastspring.com if you are not sure.

Q: I am concerned about privacy/confidentiality using Google Translate, or DeepL. Will GT use my translation to better its engine?

By selecting some source text and hit the hotkey, you are sending the text to Google server and it will go through its translation engine. The data flow is between you and Google only and it is SSL/TLS encrypted, so no any other party, including me, will get your source text.

When using GT4T, you only submit what you have selected and get the translation from Google or DeepL. Your corrections to the translation will never be collected or submitted.

GT4T uses DeepL Pro, which offers extra data confidentiality: https://www.deepl.com/pro.html

Using MT or online dictionaries with GT4T is the same as opening the webpages using a browser. The communication is between you and the MT/dictionary servers. GT4T will never upload your data to a GT4T server. GT4T only collects license-related information (your hardware code, the number characters you process). Your Simple Glossary files are stored locally on your computer and will never be uploaded anywhere by GT4T.


Q: Why am I charged with VAT?

The payment and VAT is handled by fastspring.com, an American company. They will charge VAT on behalf your government. Check out this link to find more information.

Use this link to contact their support about charges. Their customer support is great so you will receive an answer sooner than you think.

Question a Charge

Q: Will the use of GT4T help create a trend of using machine translation and eventually damage the profession?

A post at proz.com forum says that GT4T has led a bad trend, but the only one who can damage your profession is you yourself. I know there is lots of criticism of using machine translation. And any self-respecting translator will not use results directly from any machine translations without further editing. I recommend only to use GT4T “translate” words or phrases within a sentence and not to translate more than one sentence. The main idea of GT4T is to use MT as a reference tool, not a replacement of human translator. You decide which word, which part of the sentences to be translated by MT as you are translating. GT4T can help you translate faster and sometimes better, but you still have to do the job. Using MT as a first-draft translator in many cases will not speed up your translation.