3. CopiPasta

GT4T CopiPasta remembers your copy history like all other clipboard tools do, but CopiPasta doesn’t add extra keyboard shortcut to your system. CTRL+C and CTRL+V still behaves normally, but if you hold CTRL a little longer at pasting, you get a list of your copy history.

It’s fast and minimal clipboard extension with no whistles and bells. If you find Ditto too slow, or too powerful, GT4T CopiPasta is your lifelong friend.

Download here:
More information here:

Notice: Clipboards are saved unencrypted on your harddrive. Click ‘Clear up all clipboards’ for security concerns.

2. Excel Invoicer

If you look for a simple and straight-forward invocing tool. Try Excel Invoicer. It’s an excel file embeded with VBA. You simply need to fill the ‘clients’ tab with clients information, and and then the clients drop-down is shown in the ‘jobs’ tab. After filling in the details of a job, a invoice number is automatically generated and click ‘create invoice’ button, an invoice is then generated.
To design an invoice, simply edit the ‘invoice template’ tab.

The best thing about managing invoice in an excel file is that you can use the excel features like calculation and sorting.

Check out the video here:


Download here:


1. Type2clipboard


Press F9, and start to type some text. Then double press F9. The text your just typed is copied to the clipboard and you can use ctrl +V to paste anywhere.
For exmple
(Press F9) LOVE(double press F9) is the keyword.
Then “LOVE”is in clipboard and you can paste it with CTRL+V.

More information: http://www.proz.com/post/2667547#2667547