GT4T is for translators

GT4T is specifically designed to meet translator’s needs. The other programs may not do the following:

1. Selective use of Machine Translation
Suspicious of Machine Translation? GT4T makes possible selective use. You decide which which part of a sentence to be ‘translated’ by Machine Translation.

2. Work everywhere
GT4T is independent of any CAT. Whether you use CAT tools or not, you will always find GT4T useful.

3. Show alternative translations from DeepL and insert translations of your choice with ease.

4. Show results from 5 engines at the same time. Notice there is no obviously more lag as MT engines are queried at the same time, not one after another.

5. Show dictionary results anywhere and insert your choice with number button or up/down arrows or mouse click

All these features can be access anywhere by selecting and then hitting different keyboard shortcuts.