GT4T now integrates DeepL Translator, with alternative translation feature!

Exciting news! GT4T now fully supports DeepL, including the alternative translation feature. Works in all applications. No need to learn. Just select some text anywhere and press Ctrl+j and then the selection is replaced by translation.

Click here to download

Go to the setup screen->Machine translation->Engine dropdown
Pick ‘DeepL translator’ and there you go. (See Pic 1)

If you choose ‘Show alternative translations’ (Pic 2). Select some source text and click Ctrl+j, you get a popup of alternative translations! Press a corresponding number or use UP/Down arrow and then Enter to replace with that translation.
If you choose ‘No preview’ under ‘Preview pop’, you can still access the alternative translations feature by hitting “CTRL+WIN+j”, with “CTR+J” assigned to replacing with translation.

Yes, GT4T works in all Windows-based apps. Select a word, a phrase or a sentence anywhere and press ctrl+j, your selection is replaced by translation from DeepL.

DeepL works all CAT tools too. It works with CTRL+ALT+j (translating current segment), CTRL+ALT+k (translating next segment).

GT4T is the correct use of MT. You choose which part of a sentence to be sent to MT. With GT4T, MT is just your best reference tool.

Download here!