GT4T SimpleGlossary: the straightforward solution to keeping consistency

GT4T SimpleGlossary is a feature of GT4T. Download here:

Your client sends you a large file in Excel with past translations like this and asks you to ‘ translate highlighted parts and maintain consistency with past translations:’

Not easy, the ‘search’ feature under Excel is horrible. Exporting to a TM or terminology tool like Trados or any CAT is a nightmare. You have to work in their amazing CAT environment, and importing only the untranslated parts into those CATS and and exporting back is almost impossible. What seems so easy instead creates such a huge headache and frustration.

1. Importing is now simple copy/paste: I am so frustrated and I decided to create something really simple: GT4T SimpleGlossary. It uses plain text file as database that can be edited by any text editor or Excel. Exporting and importing now becomes an easy task of copy/paste. Copy the source and target columns and paste to SimpleGlossary database and there you go.

2. Search a term without leaving your application After copying past translations to GT4T’s Glossary file, you can then select a term anywhere and press ctrl+win+d (or ctrl+d when configured) to search the occurrences of that term in past translations. The translations will be listed in a pop-up:

3. Press the leading number or use UP/DOWN to insert that past translation! You don’t even need to type.

4. And click ‘see all results’ on the pop-up or press letter o on your keyboard, you open a browser window with all matches with the searched word being highlighted.

Remember GT4T is independent from any CAT tool and it works everywhere in all applications.

For more details read this tutorial.
As simple as that.