GT4T SimpleGlossary tutorial

How do I add a term to Glossary?

Select the term anywhere (even here in this tutorial) and press ctrl+d or ctrl+win+d. Then the dictionary pop-up appears. Click ‘Add to Glossary’.

How do I search Glossary?

Select a term anywhere and press ctrl+win+d. A popup with results from Glossary appears.

How do I add lots of items to Glossary?

Go to ‘Dictionary & Glossary’->’Edit Glossary in Microsoft Excel’. Click the button the Glossary file then is opened in Microsoft in Excel. Type or paste source text in column A and target text in Column B and click Save and ignore all the Excel Warnings.

For example, if you receive an Excel file containing past translations like the following, simply select the whole source and target columns and press Ctrl+c:

And then paste to the Glossary file. Click X close to save the glossary file and click Yes to all the Excel warnings (“Are you sure to save to this format? Something will be lost, etc etc”)

After the past translation is saved to the Glossary file, select a term and press ctrl+win+d. The translations of the selected term will appear in a pop-up.

While the pop-up is on, click ‘see all results’ or press letter o on your keyboard will open a browser window with all matches with the searched word being highlighted.

How do I start with an empty Glossary file?

Go to ‘Dictionary & Glossary’, click ‘new glossary’. The old glossary will be renamed.

How do I manage (rename, delete, restore) the old glossary files?

Go to ‘Dictionary & Glossary’, click ‘open folder’. You can rename, delete the old glossary files there. To restore an old glossary file, delete or rename the glossary file ‘gt4t_glossary.txt’ and then rename the old glossary file to ‘gt4t_glossary.txt’. All the files are there in the folder. Be courageous. Do whatever you want: open or edit with your favorite text editor, delete some lines, etc. No worry, you won’t break GT4T, even if you remove all the files there. If you edit the glossary file with Notepad, make sure to separate source text and target translation with a tab (the key above CapsLock).

How do I share a glossary with other colleagues?

Go to ‘Dictionary & Glossary’, click ‘open folder’ to find the file ‘gt4t_glossary.txt’. Send it to your colleague and ask him to save the file to the same folder.

How do you charge for this?

SimpleGlossary is a feature within GT4T. You can pay a monthly/yearly fee or pay by the number of characters you submit. If you only use SimpleGlossary, the character plan is probably better. You can search for around 4000 words with one dollar. Paying a fee of 10 USD will last you forever.

You know what’s best about SimpleGlossary?

It is just a neat little independent program that doesn’t rely on any CATs. It will work everywhere you work (In Word, Excel, in all Cats). No importing or exporting headaches. With GT4T, keeping consistency is easy.