GT4T update history

6.01.181227: 1) Fixed ‘languae pair not supported’ error when using baidu api
6.01.181218: 1) Fixed ‘too many requests’ for DeepL. 2) MateCat Support. 3) ‘undefined of grey’ bug fixed. 4) New prices and plans
6.00.181216: 1) Fix ‘language pair not supported’ bug to 1215. 2) You can use your own API keys for all supported MT engines
5.99.181214: 1) Added support for TransStudio 5 Online
5.99.181213: 1) Added support for Lionbridge Cloud; 2) Fixed a linking issue with IATE.
5.99.181210: Added support for Trados Studio 2019
5.99.181207: 1) Fixed ‘o’ link to IATE webpage; 2) added support for Translation Workspace XLIFF Editor; 3) DeepL alt translations support for Russian & Portuguese
5.99.181202: Fixed ‘too many requests’ error from DeepL; add support to both DeepL api v1 and v2
5.99.181130: Added Reverso, Interia, Pons; trying to solve ‘too many requests’ error with deepl non-pro
5.99.181128: Update DeepL Pro API to version 2.0
5.99.181127: Fixed ‘moved permanently’ error with & wordreference
5.99.181122: Fixed: Toggling disable/enable of all hotkeys is not remembered
5.99.181115: Fixed broken IATE dictionary
5.99.181106: Add support to Swordfish, Fluency Now, OmegaT, Transifex, Wordfast Anywhere, smartcat, xtm
5.98.181009: Fixed: Error when using Microsoft MT to translate multiple paragraphs with empty lines
5.98.181009: Fixed: Pop-up sometimes appears out of screen boundaries at multi screens.
5.98.181007: 1) reduced pasting failures. 2) Fixed a char counting error with multi-engine. 3)Fixed: popup doesn’t follow caret correctly with multi-screen. 4) Fixed: settings are lost upon restart
5.98.180914: Fixed: Simple Glossary doesn’t work with unicode paths.
5.98.180907: Swordfish support. Fixed: purchase Linking problems
5.98.180903: Fixed: Auto renewal fails with char-based subscriptions
5.98.180804: Fixed ‘unvailable’ error with google. Added translate5 & smartling support
5.98.180726: Fixed: ‘Language pair not supported’ error with Microsoft
5.98.180705: Fixed: ‘Too many request error’ with DeepL
5.98.180705: Fixed: missing dot and {} tags with DeepL Pro.
5.98.180704: Improved batch segments translation in CATs
5.98.180703: Word-wrap is turned on when ‘remember pop-up position’ is ticked.
5.98.180702: Added language support of Chinese Pinyin
5.98.180628: 1) Translating batch segments in CATs is now more stable. 2) Fixed ‘undefined’ bugs. 3) Fixed FoolGui bugs.
5.97.180626: 1) Fixed bug on toggling hotkeys; 2) Users can add their own DeepL Pro API key.
5.97.180622: Changed the DeepL pro API key
5.97.180620: Reduced the occurrence of “Previous thread of GT4T could not be closed”
5.97.180619: Custom search engine feature is added back.
5.97.180618: Readlly Fixed: GT4T constantly restores language settings.
5.97.180616: 1) Add proxy support; 2) Fixed: DeepL returns error when translating e.g. ‘1.’
5.97.180615: 1) Fixed stability issue with direct replace. 2) Fixed broken ‘Remember last position’ and ‘concise popup’
5.97.180614: 1) Chars are now only counted once when using multiple engines. 2) You can set the display order of dictionaries/MT engines. 3) Batch translation issues in CATs.
5.96.180506: Bug fix: Hardware identifier changes when changing Internet connections
5.96.180505: Bug fix to 180504: Cannot create new Glossary
5.96.180504: Bug fix: GT4T stops working when switching Fix MT away from Post-translate
5.95.180426: Add translating into multi target languages feature.
5.94.180420: 1) Auto detect source language is now also effective with dictionary; 2) Add
5.93.180418: 1) Bug fix: Direct replace very slow. 2) DeepL Pro option added for char-based license owners. 3) More dictionaries added.
5.92.180412: 1) Dictionaries are requested concurrently. 2) Shortcuts for multiple segments is changed to Ctrl+shift+j
5.91.180404: Ctrl+Shift+K now also translates current segment.
5.91.180401: Fixed broken ‘lock focus on pop-up’
5.89.180322: Fixed unwanted HTML codes in DeepL
5.89.180320: 1) Add base Glossary that will be copied to all new glossaries. 2) Glossary breaks when cells contain double quotes.
5.89.180316: 1) Memsource tags are handled properly. Fixed: Ctrl+Shift+K doesn’t work in some CATs
5.88.180314: Fixed: Ctrl Key remains pressed after using a shortcut; Lengthen requrest time-out to 15s
5.88.180313: fixed broken support for Wordfast pro 3
5.88.180309: canceled shorcuts for switching dictionaries; added spanishdict
5.87.180306: CAT shortcuts isn’t replacing with translation and hangs at ‘please wait’ when ‘default bahavior’ is set to option 2 or 3.
5.87.180305: 1) Translate next several segments is now Ctrl+shift+K; 2) Fixed ‘Translate clipboard’
5.86.180301: Urgent fix: Special characters shown as unicode with DeepL.
5.86.180229: 1) Fixed: some special characters shown as unicode; 2) Fixed broken Dejv Vu support; 3) added XTM support
5.86.180228: ctrl+alt+k: save to TM and move next; ctrl+alt+l: move next without saving
5.86.180227: 1) Corrected Memsource desktop/web support; 2) ‘ctrl+alt+l’ now doesn’t commit to TM with Deja Vu
5.86.180226: 1) Add error handling to JSON errors.2) Memsource desktop support
5.86.180225: Bug fix: 1)DeepL not working when source text contains quotes. 2) Support for Wordfast 5.
5.86.180224: Ctrl+alt+L to translate next several segments. Solved some startup issues.
5.86.180223: Bux fix: moving pop-up causing it to refresh; canceled next segments timeout
5.86.180222: Bugfix to 180221: broken DeepL alternative translation.
5.86.180221: 1) No more 3 seconds waiting before translations appear in pop-up. 2) Ctrl+alt+k now translates more than one segment in CATs
5.85.180217: Lock the pop-up in focus state.
5.85.180216: Fixes: too much CPU consumption; pop-up loses sometimes focus.
5.85.180213: Many bug fixes and much stabler; Reduce the chances of “unable to acquire selection”; concise popup option.
5.84.180212: Fixed broken ‘post-translate’ and ‘fragmentation’.
5.84.180211:1) Restart as administrator when GT4T cannot acquire selection; 2) Fixed file in use error at upgrade.
5.84.180211:Bug fixes: 1) not following caret in Word; 2) ESC to abort kills the backgroudn pop-up thread; 3) Empty pop-up after pasting when some results remain unfetched.
5.83.180208: Pop-up appears much much faster. No more 2-3 seconds wait.
5.83.180207: Stripped Unicode marker character in translation on Windows 7
5.83.180205: Fixed a pop-up window positioning issue when appearing near the right screen edge
5.83.180204: Simultaneous multi MT engines: no need to wait till results from all engines are returned.
5.82.180203: Enter/space bug; Reduced copy/paste failures; right click on dic icons to hide; added
5.81.180130: Fixed: Payment nuisance screen appears when connection to GT4T server is unstable.
5.81.180126: Revert to the old ‘please wait’ message at direct overwrite.
5.81.180125: New modern resizable and draggable pop-up.
5.74.180114: Bug fix: Hotkey registry failure with Russian keyboard
5.73.171215: 1)Add instruction to DeepL not to save submitted data; 2) Lower the rebill triggering char amount to 5000.
5.73.171210: Add FoolGUI options to solve pasting problems in some apps
5.72.171204: Limit each dictionary check to 100 characters
5.72.171131: Fix ‘Fix MT with Glossary’ not working when source language is a non-Latin language (Bug found by Mikhail Tarkinsky).
5.71.171125: Move popup with Ctrl+arrows. Popup won’t auto disappear at inserting after being moved.
5.71.171124: Add Across support; Longer matches replaced first when Fixing MT; Many other bugs
5.70.171113: (Try to) fix the certifcate error on some Windows XP machines.
5.70.171110: Remove the startup error message when the Internet is not ready at Windows startup.
5.70.171109: Leaving target same as source when adding to Glossary will mark the term as untranslatable;hot key for multi MT engine canceled, you can now switch between DeepL alternatives and Multi MTs at popup.
5.65.171108: Tweaks to improve performance & memory consumption.
5.65.171107: Fixed: clicking an item in the pop doesn’t paste; Browser with TM matches opens when no dictionary results are returned with Linguee
5.65.171106: Fixed pasting problem in MemoQ; added option to bypass system proxy.
5.65.171105: Glossary file names can be anything; Old Glossary can be set as current; Results are directly opened in browser when all Glossary matches are too long; Reduced memory consumption
5.64.171032: GT4T now respects system proxy settings.
5.64.171031: Pasting problem in Excel; reduced consumed memory
5.64.171031: Fixed: GT4T gets stuck on loading on some computers.
5.64.171030: ‘Default behavior for translate shortcut’ setting now also affects ‘translate current/next segment’ in CATs
5.63.171029: Fixed: Selected engine’s result is repeated at multi-engine results popup.
5.63.171028: ‘Fixing MT with Glossary’ now comes with three options: pre-translate, post-translate and fragmentation
5.62.171027: 1)’Pretranslate with Glossary’ is now ‘Fix MT results with translation’; 2) Repaired broken ‘Untranslatables’
5.62.171026: Fixed: 1) DeepL doesn’t return translation on some occasions; 2) Add switch Insert state option
5.62.171025: Glossary results order by string length or time; turning on ‘pretranslate using glossary’ may make MT stop working.
5.62.171024:1) Searched word is highlighted in browser result window; 2) Dictionary server is remembered when switched from pop-up
5.61.171023:1) Fixed pop up list coding problem when < and > is present. 2) View Source/Target pair of Glossary results by pressing o.
5.60.171022:Fixed: 1) Pasting problem with ctrl+alt+j in memoQ; 2) Remove tailing line break of results returned by SimpleGlossary
5.60.171021:Fixed: SimpleGlossary do not return results when Target Language column is empty.
5.60.171020:1) SimpleGlossary rewritten; 2) Users can pick multiple simoutaneous MTengines. 3) bug fixes: DeepL won’t translate segment containing quotation marks.