GT4T update log: 220811

    8.35.220625: Fixed: several problems with Trados file translation; better tag handling.
    8.35.220617: Fixed: File translator stuck on rare occations
    8.35.220608: Fixed: File translator stuck on start; Pinyin translation; cannot acquire hard code
    8.35.220526: Fixed minor problems when translating markdown. Fixed a rebilling bug
    8.35.220520: Added rtf support. Fixed bugs with docx, and markdown translation
    8.34.220512: Fixed issues with Memsource
    8.34.220505: Fixed an encode detecing issue when translating plaint text files
    8.34.220426: Fixed a pricing problem at in-app purchase
    8.34.220423: Text boxes are properly handled in Word; fixed a spacing problem in translation
    8.34.220418: Fixed missing soft returns in Word
    8.34.220407: Fixed broken Traditional Chinese Hongkong.
    8.34.220331: Really fixed dirpath cannot be empty error when generating target files.
    8.34.220322: Trados segment status can be set; segments with comments are properly handled; fixed broken dash fix; added always translate upper case option
    8.34.220316: Fixed: tag issue when translating xliff files; corrupted xliff files when using xunfei; 100 file limit when dropping folder. File translator file list now can be edited
    8.34.220309: Urgent fix: shortcuts stop working after aborting File Translator; $ sign error when translating sdlxliff
    8.34.220227: Language is now properly set in Translated Word document
    8.34.220221: Fixed broken smartcat support; fixed ‘invalid key’ for deepl
    8.34.220205: Fixed broken dictionaries; added “lock pop-up width/height” options
    8.34.220141: Fixed: 1) Improved sdlxliff translation; 2)Fixed broken multi-file CafeTran and .xlz translation; 3) added html translation 4) fixed broken folder translation
    8.34.220133: Fixed: 1) Error on replacing original file when translating large .docx files; 2) Corrupted Trados file; 3) Improved markdown/Rst/adoc translation
    8.34.220123: Fixed: skipped PDF contents; Remove line-breaking hyphenation for better translation quality
    8.34.220113: Urgent fix: Text sometimes remains untranslated when containing numbers.
    8.34.220108: Fixed: File Translator stuck when translating multiple files. Added .rst, .asciidoc translation. Fixed broken .srt translation;
    8.34.211226: Added translating folders
    8.33.211224: Fixed: contents are skipped when translating PDF
    8.33.211220: Added more Chinese variations (Traditional Chinese HK and Chinese literal)
    8.33.211210: Fixed a bug that could corrupt Word files
    8.33.211209: File Translator can translate doc, ppt, xls formats
    8.33.211208: Fixed: bugs with plain Japanese conversion; Chinese second person choices
    8.33.211203: Fixed: bug with auto detect source language
    8.33.211201: Fixed: corrupted Word file
    8.33.211134: Fixed broken .srt translation
    8.33.211133: Added screen capture translation
    8.32.211123: Added image file translation
    8.31.211120: Fixed: Corrupted Trados file; Target not filled; right to left languages for Word
    8.31.211118: Users can choose to add or remove space between English and Chinese.
    8.30.211116: Fixed: loading issue when starting with Windows
    8.30.211114: Fixed: 1) broken MT/AT tag remover; 2) a bug that could freeze File translator; 3) a but that could corrupt files
    8.20.211038: Removing inline tags applicable to Office or markdown files
    8.20.211030: Added Markdown file translation; fix more bugs with Word file translation.
    8.19.211024: Updated NewTranX and systran Marketplace
    8.19.211015: File translator can handle BIG files, headers, footers, notes, graphs, equations.
    8.18.210930: PDF files, including unedible ones, are better handled.
    8.18.210910: Fixed: UTF-8 BOM mark bug
    8.18.210831: Fixed: Notepad is opened instead of Excel when editing glossary
    8.18.210826: Fixed: corrupted docx file when it contains table of contents
    8.17.210818: Use twin-engine for File Translator
    8.17.210815: Added ctrl shift K to translate in batches with pop-up
    8.16.210812: Fixed another corrupted word file bug.
    8.16.210810: Bilingual files output; marcro enabled office files; fixed right-to-left language problems with pptx
  8.16.210808: Fixed broken atman
    8.16.210709: Added 10jqka and 云上曲率, fixed Tencent
    8.16.210628: Added newTranX; Fixed ModernMT not translating from zh
    8.16.210622: File Translator on-demand payment for China. Fixed a bug with quotation marks replacement
    8.16.210619: Fixed 1) Japanese plain style converter; 2) Corrupted xlsx files
    8.16.210614: Price factors show correctly when an API code is provided
    8.16.210613: Fixed: Broken multil-line sdlxliff translation; Tilde goes official; corrupted Word file; all major languages can choose quotation marks
    8.16.210608: Added an option to output plain Japanese
    8.16.210602: Fixed broken “license information” page
    8.16.210601: Officially added atman