Why GT4T

GT4T is NOT mindless machine translation. With GT4T, the translator can freely choose any parts of a sentence to be translated by Google. You select a part and press CTRL+J when:

  • You are confident that Google can be as good as you (fewer keystrokes)
  • Your mind is tired and stuck (translation hints, sometimes surprisingly accurate)

There are times when we are sure Google Translate can be as good as you.

Translating a loooong list of country names, for example, can be very tiring and time-consuming. With GT4T, you just need to hit the shortcut and the names will be translated and correctly typed for you automatically.


At least until now, very few people believes machine translation can be as good as human translation. But more often than you think, Google Translate can surprise you. Especially when you are stuck and your mind goes blank, hit the shortcut to see what Google Translate can provide. I won’t be surprised if you find that answers from Google Translate can be really awesome, just as Mushu, one of my satisfied users, has speculated, “Google sometimes offers surprisingly accurate and even astonishingly good matches for some words/expressions.”

GT4T can be used as a dictionary integrated into your applications.

Let’s face it. We need to check the on-line dictionaries quite often. When checking on-line dictionaries and you are tired of typing, do you copy the source word and paste it into a dictionary and then paste the translation back? With GT4T, you ONLY need to hit the shortcut and then the source word is replaced by its translation. You don’t even need to switch between windows!

The idea of GT4T is to bring Google Translate to your fingertip and everything is just one hot key away. With GT4T, to use Google Translate, you no longer need to leave your document, open your browser, navigate to Google Translate website… just hit the hot key, and the translation is automatically typed into our document.

Still not sure? Check out this (testimonials page) and this (a discussion at proz.com) to see what other users have said about GT4T.