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“R2-D2 Likes GT4T.”

 Jost Zetzsche http://www.internationalwriters.com/toolkit

Google Translate for Translators (GT4T) is a translator’s productivity tool that seamlessly integrates Google Translate into all text applications. It can help you translate faster by replacing selected source text of your choice with translations from Google. It can immediately increase your productivity by 50%-100%! (see testimonials)

  • It’s small! The installer is only less than 400k of size.
  • It’s clean! GT4T has been tested by Cosmin Anton from softpedia.com as 100% clean. It doesn’t use the Windows registry* and doesn’t copy files to the system folder. It can be uninstalled properly.
  • It’s easy! Just select some text anywhere, hit the hot key and the selection will be replaced by its translation.
  • It works everywhere! GT4T is independent from any applications and the hot keys work everywhere you can type text.
  • It works with many language pairs! Google Translate translates between 52 languages and GT4T supports all languages pairs that GT works with! Check out Google Translate website for a complete list of available languages.
  • The trial version never expires! GT4T is a nagware. You can use it hassle-free for 100 times and then you occasionally receive a nag screen asking you pay, but feel free to use it as long as you wish, if you don’t mind being nagged.

So try it now! It will only take a few seconds.

You are always welcome to contact me about anything. You can use the Contact me page to send me an email. I use cell phone pushmail technology so I usually can receive your mail or message instantly and reply to it very quickly (Except sleeping time of course!).

Dallas Cao, English to Chinese translator

* GT4T writes a string to the registry when “load with Windows startup” is checked.