Update log

8.14.210525: Fixed broken GT4T Free
8.14.210524: Added translating InDesign .idml files.
8.12.210523: Added Tilde, Neurotolge, Atman
8.12.210516: Added an option to use French quotation marks
8.11.210513: Added Volcano translator
8.11.210511: Fixed a Systran Marketplace bug
8.11.210508: Switch to Wechat merchant account
8.11.210502: Fixed corrupted file bug; price factor bug
8.11.210430: MT voting
8.11.210428: Added Systran Marketplace; added cloudtranslation.com industries
8.11.210414: Really fixed “DeepL returns empty string” error; Ignore more Trados statuses.
8.11.210408: Changed the default pop-up color to ghost white
8.10.210404: Better taghandling when using baidu or sogou; “fix MT” can be used with niutran
8.10.210331: Added translating .xlz files; fix lots of bugs with File Translator tag handling
8.10.210329: Fixed broken .sdlxliff files when containing multi-line segments
8.10.210328: Fixed htmlentities bugs; fixed dollar sign bug; normalizeHTML bug
8.10.210324: Added ModernMT, MyMemory, formality
8.10.210321: CAT file tag handling; reader mode.
8.09.210317: htmlentities now skips tags;
8.09.210316: Fixed mySmartQuotes corrupt tags; more fixes on tag remover
8.09.210315: Fixed corrupted wordfast file when using removing MT.
8.09.210313: AT tag remover now supports wordfast Pro files.
8.09.210312: Fixed: More engines support Trados tag handling; fixed an ‘undefined’ error with memsource files
8.09.210311: Fixed: pop-up background color; keep trados file in-line format
8.09.210310: Fixed: Accented keys are not shown properly on the shortcut list.
8.09.210307: Fixed some proxy issues.
8.09.210306: Pop-up content is now scrollable.
8.09.210305: Fixed: File Translator sometimes outputs empty or corrupted docx files