Update your Simple Glossary xls file

There is an incompatibility between different versions. When you added to simple glossary before using older versions, the pretranslate feature of the new version may not work. Please do the following to update your Simple Glossary xls file:

1. Run about to make sure you are using the newest version of GT4T.
2. Go to the setup screen and go to Dictionary & Glossary tab.
3. Click “Edit Glossary in Excel”.
4. On the first line, you will find column names like:

SourceText Translations InsertDate

and a warning message “Warning: do not change the column title.”

5. Now delete that warning message:-) If your glossary file only have three or four columns you need to add some to make it five.

So if you have three columns with the name of

SourceText Translations InsertDate

Add two more:
LanPair SourceLength

Be careful with the spelling and the case.

You don’t need to manually fill the LanPair and SourceLenth values for each record as they will be automatically calculated.

6. Save and close the file and go to go to Dictionary & Glossary tab again and then click the “Sort” button.