Using double ctrl and shift press as the hot keys!

“Wonderful. Ctrl-Ctrl works like a dream.”

 Another happy user

You can use press CTRL twice as the hot key for the translation feature and press Shift twice for the Dictionary feature.
This feature has been around for some time but I think maybe not many people are aware of it. It’s really much easier than the default ctrl+j.

You will love it.

The only trouble with this setup is that sometimes when you use ctrl for other purposes, you may accidentally triggers GT4T. To avoid this, you can make the interval shorter:

1. Click the Windows Start button (the one on the left bottom corner) –> Control Panel –> use the search field on the top right to search for “mouse” (or any localized word for that) —>run “Change mouse setup”

2. Then change the double click speed (Right, the change will also affect double mouse click).

3. Reload GT4T for it to take effect (important!)

This feature is suggested by Alvin Liu.