Version history

5.57.171017: add links to switch source in Dictionary; add baidu translator
5.56.171015: Fixed: GT4T doesn’t work in Wordfast Pro
5.56.171014: add support to the newer versions of Trados Studio & Deja vu
5.56.171012: Fixed: Ctrl+J doesn’t work in memoQ segments with tags.
5.56.171010:Add support to WordReference
5.56.171009:Add support to translate5, crowdin, and Glosbe
5.55.171008:Add support to Wordfast Pro. More than one custom cat can be added.
5.54.171007:Fixed: MS terminology doesn’t work with Danish; Potential crashing problem.
5.52.171005:Fixed: Keyboard shortcuts stops working when the previous thread is forced closed.
5.40.171002: 1)Query all available MTs simultaneously. 2). add Yandex. 3. Add linguee.
5.36.170920: Fixed broken Simple Glossary
5.30.170912: GT4T now supports DeepL!
5.23.170908: Fixed: CTRL key still behaves as if it’s pressed down after pressing ctrl+j
5.21.170804: Fixed: only translate 1st sentence when two sentences are submitted
5.20.170706: Added auto detect source language; added hotkey for swapping language pairs and sorting glossary
5.12.170705: Give up using gt4t.dll to avoid false virus alerts
5.10.170630: In app purchase added.
5.00.170628: Character based licenses can license up to ten computers.
4.92.170624: Add all Google Translate languages. More than 100 languages supported!
4.91.170620:Fix issues with Dictionary feature
4.90.170619: Switching to Google Neural engine.
4.32.121110: Adjusted the double ctrl press speed to avoid misfires.
4.32.121010: Fixed: Same translation results returned even when different source text is selected.
4.32.120930: Fixed: Retrieve license bug.
4.32.120420: Fixed: GT4T does not work when switching to another user on Windows 7.
4.32.120321: Fixed: Alternative translation and preview windows bug.
4.32.120228: Improved: “Wait for key release” is set as default and default key delay is set to 48ms to increase stability
4.32.120221: Improved: Intervals of double CTRL press is now adjustable (using the system double click interval); Automatically reload when hotkeys are changed for the changes to take effect immediately.
4.32.120219: Fixed: Switching hotkeys not deactivated when clicking the Close button of the dictionary popups
4.32.120218: Fixed: Auto detect source language and auto swap language doesn’t work. Improved: faster dictionary popups.
4.32, 2012-01-24: New feature: translating current/next segment can be set to support custom CATS. Fixed: 1) tab characters cannot be processed properly. 2) untranslatable tags are not handled correctly when selecting Use local google server.
4.31, 2012-01-09: New feature: added pretranslation feature using user-defined glossary before submitting to machine translation.
4.30, 2012-01-08: Added Turbo mode. Added close button to pop-ups. Added ctrl+click to copy to clipboard. Fixed hot keys random lost