You can now use ChatGPT as a translation engine!

GT4T is a desktop app that allows you to get multiple translation suggestions of selected text within any window.

ChatGPT, the viral AI engine, has been added to GT4T as a machine translation source!

I tried it with English to Chinese, it’s pretty good. It appears that it can generate more creative and fluent translations than other engines.

Set your language pair, select some source text and press Ctrl Win J, you will get:


To use ChatGPT with GT4T,  go to Setup -> Multiple engines


There are also whistles and bells to tweak. Go to GT4T Settings -> API, click Next Page twice.


Of course, you can use ChatGPT normally. Ask it a question, get synonyms, correct / rewrite sentences, explain things, etc. It can be pretty creative. See this communist-style Ode to the all-mighty Joe Biden created by ChatGPT!


Go to download and install GT4T and it will work out of the box.