Privacy Policy

“I was very skeptical of machine translation, but I find it really useful. For most texts it increased both the speed and quality of my work.”
Diarmuid Kennan

All quotes used as testimonials are approved by the contributors and they can withdraw the approval any time.

Neither the requests nor the replies from MT servers are visible to me or are being collected. When a user selects some text and presses a GT4T shortcut, the selection is sent directly to the respective MT servers and then the user receives replies from them. GT4T collects the following for licensing purposes: a unique hardware code and the number of characters you submit to MT servers through GT4T. The last time you used GT4T and your IP address are also collected automatically by the GT4T licensing server. They’re actually collected by all websites you visit, and it takes hard work not to collect them.

All customer information collected though our reseller is kept on a vigorously secured server in the UK and it will not be shared.