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GT4T - The MT solution for translation jobs

GT4T is translators' R2-D2, their best pal in modern times.

GT4T is a Windows/Mac app. It is the ultimate MT solution for your translation jobs. No matter how diverse your process can be, GT4T just fits in.

File Translator

Translate 12 types of files using any of the 14 MT engines, locally on your own computer, in batches, by simple drag & drop or right-click.

MT/Dictionary Add-on

Access 14 MT engines and 28 on-line dictionaries within your editor, CAT apps. Select a translation and insert to wherever you are typing.

Simple Glossary

An Excel based glossary that helps you keep consistency. Use it to fix MT results for both File Translator and MT add-on.

GT4T File Translator

GT4T File Translator can translate Microsoft Office or CAT tool bilingual files or exports in batches.

GT4T can handle totally 12 file types including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF and Trados (.sdlxliff), Memoq exports (.mqxlz), WordFast Pro (.txlf), CafeTran (.xlf), Memsource (.mxliff), Déjà Vu (.dvprj), and growing. In fact, we aim to translate all possible file formats. Stay tuned!

More secure

Unlike other online MT file translators, your files are not uploaded and saved on a remote server. Instead they are handled locally on your own computer.

Easy to work with

You can right click on files and click "MT translate", drag the files to GT4T interface, or use the open-project buttons to quickly locate your files.

Use your own glossary

Add or paste your glossary to an Excel file and then the MT engine you choose will use your glossary to translate so terms are always translated correctly.

GT4T MT/dictionary Add-on For ALL Apps

GT4T offers you several keyboard shortcuts that work everywhere, in editor or CAT apps. No matter what editor or CAT tools you use, GT4T just kicks in at your command any time you need its help.

Select and hit Ctrl J

Get your selection, whether it be a part of a sentence or a paragraph, translated. You decide what to be translated by GT4T.

Select and hit Ctrl Win J

Get translation suggestions from multiple MTs and pick the best one to insert. You are still in control!

Select and hit Ctrl D

Get translation suggestions from multiple on-line dictionaries. Use arrow keys to pick a translation and insert.

Select and hit Ctrl Win J

Add selected term to your glossary, or check your glossary for the selected term. The shortcut works in all apps too!

Ctrl Alt J in CAT tools

Translate current segment in Trados, Memoq, CafeTran or any CAT tool, even in web-based CAT tools like SmartCat.

Ctrl Shift J in CAT tools

Automatically translate many segments in CAT tools. Relax and watch the magic hand doing its work.

Personalized Support

“Always a prompt and first class service”
Ciaran Rooney

Support comes directly from the developer, Dallas Cao. You will get quick responses on everything, including usage, bug reports, and feature requests. We want you to be happy.

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