“My overall opinion is that GT4T is a timely, practical, useful CAT tool worth trying and using when we decide its use is appropriate.”

 Mushu Bulgarian/French translator

NOTICE: If you experience problems with GT4T, go to the setup screen, untick ‘use local google server’ and then go to ‘machine translation’ tab and choose ‘no preview’.

GT4T Suite integrates Google Translate, Bing translator, MyMemory, on-line dictionaries, and a glossary tool into all Windows applications. It supports many language pairs (over 50 languages). It brings the most useful online resources to your fingertip to ensure smoother translation process with less interruption and can remarkably increase your productivity.

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GT4T is easy to use and there is absolutely no need to learn. Just select some text anywhere and press a hot key. It’s small and clean, and uninstalls properly. Try it for free! It will only a few seconds.

GT4T has following features:

  • Unlike MT plug-ins for CATS where you can only send the whole segment to MT, GT4T allows you to send only the portions of a sentence that MT can do a good job. (More…)
  • GT4T combines user-defined Glossary pretranslation and Goolge Translate so the result is always right! (More…)
  • Use Google and Bing Translator at the same time. Both results appear in the same pop-up. (More…)
  • Get alternative translations for different syntagms of a sentence in a pop-up. (More…)
  • Check Google, Microsoft terminology dictionaries without having to switch to a web browser. (More…)
  • Simple Glossary feature helps you keep consistency. (More…)
  • Special hot keys that translate current and next segments in CATS. It supports Tageditor, Trados Workbench, Trados 2009, Wordfast, SDLX, memoQ, and Deja Vu. (More…)

The philosophy of GT4T is to provide useful features without making things more complex. The earliest users will find the new version works the same way with the 1st version: just select any text anywhere and hit a hot key, magic!

Warning: do not use GT4T as a mindless machine translation tool. Use it to save key stroke, get translation options for phrases, and keep consistency.

Use Google Translate:

You are always welcome to contact me about anything. Please use Contact me page to send me an email or use the Q & A page.

Dallas Cao, English to Chinese translator

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